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Pet Immunotherapy Combo: C-Caps + Cannapaw (SAVE 10%)

Save 10%
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Combo for Pet Immunotherapy

Is your beloved pet facing the challenges of cancer, infection or a suppressed immune system? By using C-Caps and Cannapaw Therapeutic Oil Combo, pet owners can provide their furry companions with a natural and holistic approach to immunotherapy, helping them maintain robust health while potentially minimising the impact of various immune-related issues. Save 10% today!

C-Caps (60 capsules)

  • Helps prevent and manage cancer, slows the spread of cancer cells, and strengthens compromised immune systems
  • Boosts healing time, reduces fatigue, improves lymphatic system function to minimise toxin buildup, and enhances liver function for overall improved health

Cannapaw Therapeutic Oil (300mg per 30ml) 

  • Reduces inflammation, eases discomfort and greatly assists in pain management and general well-being
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety, ultimately promoting a more balanced immune response

Ingredients used in C-CapsAstragalus membranaceous, Viscum album (Mistletoe), Echinacea purpurea, Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Silybum marianus (Milk Thistle), Uncaria tormentosa (Cat's Claw)

Ingredients used in Cannapaw Therapeutic Oil (300mg per 30ml MCT oil): Broad Spectrum Cannapaw Oil, 100% Organic Biodegradable Preservative (Pureganic), MCT Oil.

How to use


Cats and small dogs: 1/2 capsule twice daily.
Medium dogs: One capsule twice daily.
Large dogs: One to two capsules twice daily.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established.

Cannapaw Therapeutic Oil (300mg per 30ml) 

Start with the lower dose and slowly increase to the upper dose if necessary, depending on your pet's health needs.

Cats and small dogs 3 - 5 drops at night
Medium dogs 5 - 10 drops at night

Large dogs 10 - 15 drops at night

In severe cases, you can add a dose of 5 drops in the morning.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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