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Stainless Steel Pet Bowl | Dog's Life

Original Price R 146.50
Current Price R 131.85

Have your pet dine in style with this 100% hygienic and dishwasher-safe bowl! Suitable for either canine companions or feline friends - select the size you need.

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel (a natural anti-bacterial surface)
  • Non-slip rubberised rims means no mess, no spills
  • Sturdy chew-proof construction made to help resist chips
  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf)
  • Choose between small, medium, large and extra large

Your pet deserves only the best for his health. Most plastic bowls leech chemicals into food and water (most pets can even taste the difference!). Stainless steel means water tastes fresh and pure, and no harmful chemicals are contaminating food and water for your pet.

Sizes and specifications:

  1. SMALL (pet weight 6kg or less): 14cm wide x 5cm high, 0.5liters / 2.1 cups / 16.9 oz. 
  2. MEDIUM (pet weight 7 - 20kg): 17cm wide x 6cm high, 0.9liters / 3.8 cups / 30.4 oz. 
  3. LARGE (pet weight 20 - 45kg): 21cm wide x 7cm high, 1.7litres / 7.18 cups / 57.48 oz..
  4. EXTRA LARGE (pet weight 40kg+): 27.7cm wide x 8cm high, 2.7 litres / 15.64 cups / 125 oz. 

Caution: Do not microwave and please inspect regularly. Replace immediately if any part becomes damaged.