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Spring clean your body naturally in 5 easy steps!

Spring clean your body naturally in 5 easy steps!



Spring is here! It’s the season of rebirth, growth and positive change. While this is the perfect time to spring clean our homes and lives, what better place to start than with our bodies first? After a long, cold winter of indulging in comfort eating and probably very little exercise, our bodies are yearning for a good, old cleansing.   

Here are 5 easy steps to start your body’s spring cleaning.

  1. Cleanse your body with more water

Drinking more water is a great way to flush and keep your system hydrated. It also helps with weight loss, prevents premature aging, keeps the skin hydrated and looking radiant, increases energy levels and revitalises the body. Start your day with water to give your body and brain the kick start it needs and then continue drinking more during the day.

Remember, it’s recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water per day. If you are not a fan of plain water, add a squeeze of lemon, fresh mint leaves, cucumber slices or a handful berries to make it more interesting and tasty. Try different herbal teas such as green, ginger, mint or fennel to also increase your daily intake of water. Why not make a delicious jug of iced Rooibos tea with fruit or lemon slices to keep in the fridge?

  1. Include raw foods into your diet

As winter has finally come to an end, you can replace warm, cooked veggies with fresh fruit and raw veggies. Raw veggies and fruit are packed with all-round goodness of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients which cleanses and detoxes the body of nasty toxins. Ideal cleansing fruits and veggies include strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, lemon and later, watermelons and grapes when in season.

It is also much easier to eat lighter now that the weather is starting to get warmer and you can finally bid farewell to thick soups, heavy stews and casseroles. Eat salads with fresh ingredients and herbs, or add veggies and fruit to juices or smoothies for a healthy and filling breakfast or snack. Leafy green veggies such as spinach, cabbage, parsley, bok choy or kale are great additions to your diet when you choose to eat raw. Including raw foods into your diet is not only cleansing but will also help you to feel and look amazing too!

  1. Detox naturally

Spring cleaning the body with water and raw foods is a vital part of any detox program. However, sometimes your body may need an extra boost especially when it feels sluggish and unhealthy after a long winter! A herbal detox such as Detox Drops by Feelgood Health eliminates toxins, increases energy and strengthens the immune system. The ingredients in this formula are also beneficial for the liver as well as the digestive system. If you are eager to shed some kilos, use it together with Ecoslim, a natural weight loss remedy. This is the perfect combo to get your body into shape for summer!   

  1. Declutter the mind

Just as we should spring clean our bodies, our minds also need to be cleansed and decluttered. If you’ve been preoccupied with negative thoughts, worry and anxiety, give yourself a good mind cleanse – we often don’t realise how much we need to do this and how good it is for the soul! Start by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and affirmations. Release worry, anxiety and stress by practicing deep breathing exercises – inhaling and exhaling deeply helps to keep you calm and relaxed -  especially when you are feeling out of sorts. Keep the mind sharp and alert by meditating, writing your thoughts in a journal, listening to soothing music, inspirational podcasts or videos.

Many of us do feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious from time to time while others may even suffer depression or panic attacks when under stress. Take action when you feel like this and heal your mind and emotions with a natural alternative. In the Feelgood Health range, PureCalm is a wonderfully soothing remedy to offer quick relief for tension, anxiety and stress. For depression, try a natural anti-depressant like MindSoothe which is formulated by a Clinical Psychologist to encourage balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing.

  1. Don’t forget the skin detox!

We know about a body and mind detox but did you know that you can detox the skin too? Winter wreaks havoc on the skin leaving it dry, dull and lacklustre. Give yourself a skin detox by exfoliating away dead skin cells to encourage new, younger looking cells to emerge. Do this once weekly in the shower or bath and watch the appearance of your skin change. Try a cleansing bath by adding a cup of Epsom salts to hot water and enjoy a long soak. The Epsom salts helps to draw out dirt and impurities from your pores. You can also use AllisOne Calc Sulph Tissue Salt no. 3 which will cleanse, purify and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out!  

Dry brushing is also an excellent way to detox the skin. Brush your skin using circular motions, starting from your feet and working upwards. Doing this helps to increase circulation and is good for the lymphatic system.     

Get into the spring cleaning spirit and give your body and mind a good cleanse and detox this season. We promise…you will thank us!

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