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Flea season! Natural Prevention & Treatment Tips!

Flea season! Natural Prevention & Treatment Tips!


It’s that time of the year again where we are all out and about enjoying the lovely, warm weather with our furry friends ……. BUT then it’s often sadly  ruined by the onslaught of fleas! Fleas love warm environments and humidity! As the weather starts to become warmer, these nasty critters begin to emerge and thrive if they are not treated immediately. Apart from being unpleasant for your family and your pets, flea bite dermatitis can also be the cause of difficult to treat skin problems like itching, rashes, hot spots and patchy fur.

In order to control and prevent fleas on your pet and in your home, it is important that you as a pet owner handle the problem effectively and safely.

Should you use toxic flea treatments?

Many pet owners today worry about the toxicity of flea products and how they affect their pets. There are a wide variety of flea control products available on the market which contain harsh ingredients and should be handled with caution. Pet owners can choose from a number of adult flea control products, spot-on topical products as well as flea collars.

It is important to be aware that these products are considered pesticides and if they are used incorrectly, your pet could have a bad reaction. Always consult your vet about how to use a flea product if you are unsure – read the product label carefully to protect your animal. For instance, some flea products are specifically formulated to treat dogs only AND if used on cats, the active ingredients may be lethal to them.

Flea products are also formulated according to the dog or cat’s age and weight. If you have a Lab and Jack Russell, don’t try to save money by buying one flea control for both dogs as the dosage may not be right and your pets can develop medical conditions. At the end of the day, using conventional flea products responsibly lies with the pet owner and should always be administered cautiously.

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Can natural remedies really help to treat fleas?

Pet owners are becoming increasingly concerned about using chemical flea products and pesticides for flea control. At the same time, they know that it is important to control the spread of fleas on their pet and in the home. This leaves them with a dilemma. Do natural products for fleas really work?  

Natural remedies can definitely help to treat fleas when used correctly and in combination with a holistic flea control program. This approach can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical pesticides used on pets and in the home to control fleas.

The trick is to use natural flea shampoo, natural flea spray and natural flea powder on your pet AND in the home, while also ensuring that your dog or cat is healthy and has a strong immune system – as fleas will more successfully infest an animal with a weak immune system.

If a natural flea control program is followed diligently, especially for dogs and cats that are mostly indoors, there is often little or no need to use conventional toxic pesticides on your pet. If you live in a high flea area, such as on a farm, you may have to combine a natural approach with conventional flea repellent products, especially if your pet is allergic to fleas. However, domestic pets can respond well to a natural, holistic approach to flea control.

At Feelgood Pets we love Vondi’s Natural Flea Control products, containing natural flea repellents like Khakibos. Not only are Vondi’s well known for their natural approach to pet care, but their products really work well to control fleas without having to use toxic conventional flea products.

Here is how you do it:

All Vondi’s Natural Flea Control products are available on the Feelgood Pets website and shipped to your door anywhere in South Africa!

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More tips on how to prevent and treat fleas on pets

    •  The most effective way to control fleas on your pets is to treat them directly all year round, not only during flea season. It is important to clean your home thoroughly if you have pets. Vacuuming carpets and furniture regularly will pick up flea eggs, especially if you allow your pets to sleep on your bed or lie on your sofa.
    • Cleaning your pet's bedding will help remove to eggs and larvae - all bedding should be washed in the washing machine as this will ensure that flea eggs and larvae  do not survive.

    Keep pets 'flea proof with a strong immune system!

    Did you know that a strong and healthy immune system helps to protect your pet against flea infestations? A dog or cat with a weakened immune system is more susceptible to infestation by all types of parasites, such as fleas, ticks and even intestinal worms!

    Keeping your pet healthy is the best way to protect them from being attacked by fleas and this can be done by boosting their immune system naturally with Feelgood Pets Immunity & Liver Support.

    Make sure that you are feeding your pet a healthy, balanced diet to strengthen the immune system. Doggone Active Raw Food and Vondi’s cooked foods are available at the Feelgood Health Shop at 15A Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park – both these foods are packed with nutrients essential for your pet’s health and wellbeing.
      Itchy Skin, scratching, hot spots and bald patches in dogs and cats

        Pets who suffer from skin problems caused by flea allergies will experience itching, scratching, hair loss and irritation of the skin. For pets who are allergic to flea bites, even one flea can cause a chain reaction of itchy, inflamed skin and constant scratching!

        Instead of conventional medicines like cortisone, which can have an effect on your pet’s health, use natural remedies such as Allergy Itch Ease and Skin & Coat Tonic to treat your pet’s skin. 

        • Allergy Itch Ease is a 100% homeopathic remedy   to treat acute itching and scratching, and can offer definite relief for your pet, helping to prevent skin infections cause by scratching. 
        • Skin & Coat Tonic is a herbal remedy that strengthens and heals the skin – used regularly, your pet’s skin and coat will look full, healthy and glossy again!
        • We also recommend AllergiClear Pets, which is a herbal remedy which contains a natural antihistamine which will help treat the underlying allergy itself.
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        By treating your pet, home and outdoor environment thoroughly, you will definitely be able to keep a handle on fleas this summer, using a holistic, natural flea control approach! 

        Here’s to a flea free and pesticide free summer!


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