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How to make a natural homemade flea treatment for dogs

How to make a natural homemade flea treatment for dogs

How to make a natural homemade flea treatment for dogs


In the third episode of our four-part series, we show you how to make flea treatments for your dog using all-natural ingredients. Homemade flea treatments are much safer and gentler for your pooch than the chemicals that are found in so many of the commercial flea repellents on the market today.  

Here are two easy flea treatment recipesa natural flea spray and flea collar for your dog.  P.S This homemade flea treatment for dogs is NOT suitable for cats!

Natural Homemade Flea Spray Recipe


1 cup of distilled or boiled water (cooled)
5 drops of lavender essential oil
5 drops of tea tree essential oil
1 spray bottle
(Visit Feelgood Health for the SOIL Organic Essential Oils range, available at 15A Westalke Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Westlake, cape Town


1. Fill the spray bottle with water and add the essential oils.
2. Shake thoroughly to mix
3. Spritz your dog’s fur with the mixture – take care to mist your dog lightly with the spray AND don’t soak your dog’s  fur
4. Avoid your dog’s eyes, nose and ears when spraying. It is best to dampen a soft cloth with the mixture and wipe it on gently near sensitive areas like the eyes, nose and ears.
5. Spray your pet’s bedding, kennel and carpets to repel fleas
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Natural Flea Collar

A homemade flea collar is a great way to repel fleas. However, a flea collar is only a temporary solution and will only ward off fleas around your dog’s neck area. As we all know, fleas are nifty little critters and they will most likely find another area on your dog to breed.  Use the natural flea collar along with the flea spray for best effect.


1. 1 to 3 tablespoons of distilled or boiled water (cooled)
2. 3 to 5 drops of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus or cedar essential oil (Visit Feelgood Health for the SOIL Essential Oils range, available at 8 Gabriel Road, Plumstead, Cape Town or call 021 797 0193) 
3. Dog collar or bandana


1. Dilute the essential oil of your choice in the water.
2. Apply the mixture by rubbing it onto the collar or bandana
3. The oil mixture can be reapplied on a weekly basis

Keep in mind...

These natural flea remedies will ONLY be effective if they are repeated regularly! Essential oils evaporate quickly and that is why they have to be reapplied often in order to repel fleas. Of course, when trying to control fleas, it is also very important to not only treat your dog but also your environment.

Make sure that you wash your dog’s bedding in warm water, vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery and also treat your outside areas. The natural flea spray above can also be used to spray your dog’s bedding and around the house – with the added bonus that your home will smell lovely!

Tip: Remember that, according to the principles of natural medicine,  a strong and healthy immune system is one of the best protections against illness AND invading parasites, including fleas. Try Feelgood Pets Immunity & LiverSupport  for best results!

Feelgood Pet’s PetAlive Natural Flea Treatments

If making your own flea treatments seems like too much of a hassle, then look no further than the Feelgood Pets range. There are a number of natural remedies to prevent fleas, treat flea dermatitis, itching and scratching and restore an unhealthy skin and coat back to its peak condition.

  1.  Vondi's Tick & Flea Shampoo  – a gentle cleansing shampoo to repel fleas
  2.  Vondi's Khakibos Tick & Flea Powder – a natural cream which repels ticks and fleas
  3.  Vondi's Khakibos Spraya natural spray to repel ticks and fleas
  4.  Allergy Itch Ease – a natural remedy to relieve itching and scratching in pets
  5.  Skin & Coat Tonic – a herbal remedy which heals and helps to restore healthy skin and coat
  6.  Worm Dr Pets - It helps to cleanse your dog’s system and protect against intestinal worms, while also boosting immune functioning. As an added benefit, Worm Dr, taken internally also helps to discourage fleas and other external parasites.
  7.  Immunity & Liver Support – to strengthen your pet’s immune system naturally.
  8.  Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth - natural worm and parasite repellent  


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