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Should pets get Christmas presents?

Should pets get Christmas presents?

Are you a pet owner who is struggling to conclude whether or not it's strange to be giving your animals gifts for Christmas? Do you worry that perhaps you've taken the title 'crazy cat lady' too far, as you find yourself browsing goodies online to put under the Christmas tree for your fur baby? Yes, it may seem a little strange, but rest assured, there's actually nothing to be embarrassed about!

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According to reports, the majority of pet parents buy their pet at least one Christmas present a year. Some pet parents splurge big bucks on state of the art ball throwers, luxurious cat beds and fancy dog cologne. In fact, the pet industry has seen more than a 300% boom over the last few years! The truth is that pet presents are partly for us. It's a great excuse to do something a bit senseless and get a laugh out of it, too! Have you ever seen a dog unwrapping presents? It's highly amusing and a fun time for everybody involved! Furthermore, there's no denying that seeing your fur baby delighted and spoiled is a gift on its own.

cat christmas presents

The only downside of giving your pet Christmas gifts is the mess and that things can get a bit rambunctious (especially with dogs). Once your dog or cat has discovered the art of opening gifts, not to mention the reward of what's wrapped inside, there may be no stopping them! Many dogs start opening up everyone's presents, hoping to get more tasty, fun surprises! You'll never be able to leave gifts under the tree anymore. If you think your dog has the tendency to become uncontrollable, perhaps you should not wrap their gift, and don't leave it under the tree either! Leave it on an unreachable shelf until you give it to them on Christmas. 

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