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Help for itching animals!

Help for itching animals!


Intense itching and scratching are common conditions that bother both pet and owner... While certain seasons can bring on an allergy, fleas and household products can also cause allergies strike – to name but a few culprits to cause our beloved pets such strife! Remember that it takes just one flea bite to set off an allergic reaction.

We all know how irritating it can be to have itchy skin or inflamed patches on our bodies. Our poor pets also suffer greatly with fleabites and allergies – and they can’t even tell us that they are in discomfort! Constant biting, scratching, licking and fussing may be the constant activity of your pet - keeping you up all night. Can we really blame them? After all, they are just trying to do SOMETHING to stop the itching! Remember too that in hot months animals shed hair, making a natural skin & coat tonic essential in any animal care program to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

Handy Tips

There are several things that you can do to prevent scratching and maintain overall skin health:

  • Feed your pet high quality commercial food or an all natural diet without preservatives, additives and colorants
  • Avoid making sudden changes to your pet’s diet. Gradually introduce new foods and then monitor what effect they have on your pet
  • Include omega-3 fatty acid supplements or add sunflower or olive oil to your pet’s diet – helps to reduce itching and inflammation
  • Make sure that your pet’s coat is clean by bathing him when necessary with a soothing shampoo
  • To relieve cat and dog itching use oatmeal or Epson salt bath baths
  • Use products specifically prescribed for your pet’s skin type and avoid using human and over-the-counter products
  • Make sure that pets with long haired coats are clipped or shaved to make bathing easier
  • Brush your dog or cat’s coat daily to prevent matting and increase circulation
  • Avoid exposing your pet to allergens and irritants such as pollen, dust mites, chemicals, household detergents, pesticides or fertilizers
  • Use a flea repellent recommended by your vet to keep fleas and ticks under control
  • Keep your pet’s living clean by disinfecting regularly

A special note: Make sure that you use the best possible flea prevention products and make absolutely sure that you use the correct intervals to apply them so that they can work properly. Remember too, that the fleas that we see on our pets are just 5% of the flea population – there are also eggs, larvae and pupae to consider and these are all present in your environment, so that needs to be treated as well. Your vet will be able to advise you on which products to use. Give your pets skin the best chance of maintaining skin health by using natural remedies  to keep their skin in the best condition in a gentle and safe manner. Natural remedies will also help to deal with the onslaught of allergies and fleas. A homeopathic product for allergies and itching will calm and soothe the skin, help the body to deal with the allergies and stop your pet’s frantic efforts to alleviate the discomfort.

Allergy Itch Ease is a 100% safe and natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients known for their ability to soothe and calm agitated and itchy skin, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin. The ingredients are homeopathic, thus addressing acute skin problems, such as eczema, red patches, ‘mottled’ skin and itchiness. Taken internally, Allergy Itch Ease helps to maintain sensory balance of the skin, as well as the supply of oxygen at a cellular level. Presented in tiny granules,  Allergy Itch Ease is administered by sprinkling directly into the mouth – making dosing a pleasure for both pet and owner!

Skin and Coat Tonic contains a combination of especially selected herbs, nutrients and biochemic tissue salts known for their tonic and healing effect on the skin and fur. Whether your pet has a chronic or acute skin condition or whether a bit of a help is needed after a bout of illness, Skin and Coat Tonic will quickly help to restore shine and health to the coat, as well as healing most chronic and acute skin conditions. Skin and Coat Tonic has an added benefit for 'show pets' that need a 'beauty boost' before competitive events.

Fleas are an extremely common parasite among dogs and cats. Some pets suffer very little from the bites of these creatures but a number of less fortunate pets develop an allergic reaction to flea saliva, leading to a severe skin reaction known as flea bite dermatitis. Vondi's range of natural Flea & Tick repellants such as Tick and Flea Pet Shampoo, KhakiBos Spray and KhakibosTick and Flea Powder keeps your pet flea-free.

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