The miracle of Magnesium oil

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil is derived from the mineral magnesium - which is very important for health. Magnesium is an essential mineral used for hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, making it crucial for health. Magnesium has cardiovascular benefits, neurological benefits, endocrine benefits and more… in fact, many patients are injected with Magnesium chloride when having a heart attack or stroke. Magnesium is also a very effective muscle relaxant, anti-spasmodic and pain killer, making it a wonderful addition to the treatment of joint and muscle pain, especially if applied to the skin! The body cannot produce magnesium - it has to come from our diet or other sources. 

Why do we need it?

The modern diet has an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods and sugar. This means our diet contains very little magnesium. Alarmingly, even the magnesium inside whole grains and fresh vegetables has been declining steadily due to the decline in minerals in our soils! Our water is also less rich in Magnesium! This means that most of us need magnesium supplementation. Massive magnesium deficiencies in the general population have led to a tidal wave of sudden coronary deaths, diabetes, strokes and cancer. Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause increased sensitivity to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, and insomnia. 

Deficiencies will only get worse as we age: research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 shows that when the diets of 2,566 children ages 11-19 were studied, less than 14 percent of boys and 12 percent of girls had adequate intakes of magnesium! It is therefore likely that at least 80% of adults are deficient. In 1995, the Gallop Organization conducted a survey and found that 72% of adult Americans consume less than the Recommended Daily Allowance for Magnesium.

What are the benefits of Transdermal Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium Oil is the most concentrated form of transdermal magnesium. It's a natural substance that can be applied to the skin - leading to rapid absorption into the body.   It can be safely applied day in and day out, with no adverse effects.  Dr. Linda Rapson, who specialises in treating chronic pain says: "About 70 per cent of patients who complain of muscle pain, cramps and fatigue are showing signs of magnesium deficiency." Applied directly to painful joints, cramping muscles or used after strenuous exercise, Magnesium Oil is rapidly absorbed and can bring relief to the affected area within minutes - relief that lasts for many hours! Unlike OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, Magnesium Oil has no adverse side effects and can also raise overall magnesium levels in the body - thus doubling up as a magnesium supplement as well as a pain reliever! 

Here are just some of the amazing benefits - magnesium oil can be used to:

  1. increase flexibility, and endurance and help avoid injury (magnesium deficiency can be a huge issue for athletes)
  2. reduce stress and sensory overload and lessen anxiety and panic (magnesium deficiency often causes feelings of stress and anxiety)
  3. decrease pain for arthritis and stiff, sore joints (numerous studies point to magnesium as a potent ingredient for joint health)
  4. assist in surgery recovery
  5. assist in combatting cluster headaches and cramps (leg cramping is often a sign of magnesium deficiency)
  6. lessen tremors, weakness and assist in cases of nervous system disorders
  7. promote circulatory health - cardiac benefits, lessen hypertension, arrhythmia
  8. assist in management of chronic fatigue syndrome
  9. help in the management of diabetes
  10. assist the brain in concentration (ADD and ADHD - moms and dads take note: a massage of magnesium oil after a bath is a great idea for the kids!)

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