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Recurring Bladder Infections? Natural Solutions And Tips!

Recurring Bladder Infections? Natural Solutions And Tips!

Most people at some point in their lives have experienced a bladder infection, and once you’ve had one, it’s most unlikely that you’d like to endure the discomfort and pain of another again. Bladder infections just happen to be the second most common type of infection and in many cases, bladder infections can become persistent, recurring again and again.
Bladder infections or UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) can affect both men and women, but are more common in women because they have a shorter urethramaking it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. Post menopausal women are also more prone to bladder infections because the drop in oestrogen levels cause changes in the urinary tract.

So, what exactly is a bladder infection?

A bladder infection is a bacterial infection in the bladder. The collective term for a bladder infection is a urinary tract infection (UTI) which refers to a bacterial infection anywhere along the urinary tract – in the bladder, the kidneys or the urethra.   UTI’s occur when bacteria enters the urinary tract and travels through the urethra into the bladder. The biggest culprit in most cases of bladder infections or cystititis is Escherichia coli (E. coli) which usually lives in the gastrointestinal GI) tract. Keep in mind that E.coli are also clever little bacteria that have become increasingly resistant to treatment.

1. In the bladder
An infection in the bladder is known as cystitis. That frequent urge to urinate, pelvic pressure coupled with cloudy or strong-smelling or even blood in the urine are some of the main symptoms that cause discomfort.
2. In the kidneys
A kidney infection, also known as acute pyelonephritis will cause back and side pain, fever or chills, nausea and vomiting.
3. In the urethra
When inflammation occurs in the urethra (urine tube), it is called urethritis. Here you will feel pain or burning when you urinate.
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Why do I keep getting UTI’s?

Most people will have a bladder infection from time to time. However, for a percentage of people, UTI’s can recur time and again and become stubbornly resistant to treatment. When this vicious cycle of bladder infections repeats itself over and over again, it helps to know why you’ve become a victim of this unpleasant condition . Some of the reasons for this can be:

• A weakened immune system
• Bacteria entering the urethra more easily due to tight clothing, especially in summer
•  Wiping from ‘back to front’ after a bowel movement allowing bacteria from the rectum to travel more easily into the urethra
Increased sexually activity in women which may introduce bacteria into the urinary tract
• An enlarged prostate in men, which can trap urine in the bladder and increase the risk of UTI
• Not drinking sufficient water
Holding back going to the loo when you really need to urinate due to being ‘too busy’ (it is surprising how many people do this!)
• UTI’s are more common in women who use a diaphragm or spermicide
•  Antibiotics themselves can play a part in recurring bladder infections! 
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I’m using antibiotics…why don’t they work?

For those of you who are persistently plagued with UTI’s by now know that your GP’s treatment of choice is a good old course of antibiotics. Yes, antibiotics kill and destroy the offending bacteria but did you know that they also kill off the body’s good bacteria? When antibiotics kill off the good bacteria, you run a greater risk of harmful bacteria gaining control in your digestive tract.  Once this happens, your immune system weakens and with the onslaught of the nasty bacteria, you are now more susceptible to developing another UTI. This hostile bacteria overgrowth that is brought about by antibiotics can also cause your digestive system to go into distress - constipation, diarrhea and colitis are common side effects.
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So what is the solution?

There are safe and effective natural treatments for UTI’s cystitis & bladder infections, which target only the ‘bad’ bacteria and do not weaken the immune system.
• Choose a herbal remedy for UTI’s like  UTI-Clear from the Feelgood Health range. UTI -Clear is tough on the bacteria that cause bladder infections but gentler on the body.  A course of UTI–Clear will act as a tonic to the urinary tract and increase resistance to further urinary tract infections.
• Use UTI Clear together with Immunity Plus which is a natural herbal alternative to prescription antibiotics and can be used to fight against a wide range of bacterial and viral infections, while at the same time, strengthening the functioning of the immune system.
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Some top tips to prevent UTI’s and treat them naturally!

There are some great ways to prevent and treat recurring UTIs once and for all!
Drink lots of filtered water to cleanse and purify your system
A glass of cranberry juice a day can help to prevent UTI’s as it contains infection-fighting properties
• Never wipe from back to front after a bowel movement to prevent spreading harmful bacteria from the rectal area to the vagina
• Don’t hold it! If you need to urinate, go!
• Avoid drinking beverages such as coffee, citrus juices or soft drinks that may irritate your bladder – it’s best to wait until your infection is cleared
Say no to douches, vaginal deodorant sprays and powders as they irritate the urethra
• Men over the age of 40 would benefit from using our herbal Prostate Dr to address the normal process of prostate enlargement, often causing urinary tract problems
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