Falling Pregnant Naturally - Conception Tips PLUS How To Conceive A Boy Or A Girl!

Falling pregnant should come naturally but sometimes Mother Nature needs an extra bit of help! Everyone loves to give advice when they know that you’re trying to conceive and we bet you’ve heard it all from “the missionary position is best, baby dance around the clock, take cold showers, prop your legs up after intercourse or drink grapefruit juice” to become pregnant in no time. Perhaps, you’ve just started trying to get pregnant or maybe you are trying for a while now, BUT there are certain basics YOU need to know!  If you’re not schooled in the art of waiting and eager to make that pregnancy announcement, READ our TOP TIPS to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES to conceive a BOY or GIRL!

1. Baby dance often

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s quite possible that you may not be having ENOUGH SEX! Lots of women think they should only get busy when they’re ovulating and then, in actual fact they are not.  It’s easy to miss your fertile period, so experts suggest having sex as often as you can or every other day AND not only around “the right time”
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2. Figure out when you are ovulating

Knowing when you are ovulating is the key ingredient to becoming pregnant. Keep in mind that there are only a few days out of each cycle when sex can lead to conception.  If you have a regular 28-day cycle, count 14 days from the first day of your period to pinpoint your ovulation date.
Women with irregular cycles can use an ovulation prediction kit to determine when they are ovulation. To regulate menstrual cycles and correct hormone imbalance, use a well known Chinese herb called Dong Quai which acts as a general tonic for the reproductive system. If you’re in tune with your body, check your cervical mucous (this is the fluid released from your vagina) a few days before ovulation takes place - it looks like the white of a raw egg. Charting your basal body temperature can also help to figure out when you’re ovulating.
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3. Get busy before ovulation

As soon as you know when you’re ovulating, you may think that’s the day to baby dance. WRONG! It may be too late! An egg can be fertilised for only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. Fertility experts all agree that you should have sex a few days leading up to ovulation to increase your chances of falling pregnant as sperm can live inside the uterus for up to five days.
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4. Prepare your body

There are a number of ways to getting into baby-making shape, but at the top of the list is your and your partner’s overall health and wellbeing. First off, a healthy diet is vitally important to double your chances of conceiving and having a health pregnancy. Bestselling author, Sarah Dobbyn’s “The Fertility Diet” offers a highly nutritious diet and lifestyle plan for couples of all ages trying to conceive naturally. Most importantly, cut out smoking, recreational drugs, excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine.
Women should start preparing their bodies for pregnancy by supplementing with folic acid and omega 3’s to help prevent neural defects in your baby. Many couples often want to kickstart their baby making chances without the assistance of conventional medications. In the Feelgood Health range, there are two herbal remedies, Fertile XX and Fertile XY to boost fertility and conception naturally. Keep stress levels down by exercising regularly and taking time out to relax and fun. On days when you do feel overwhelmed, have a dose of PureCalm which helps to take the edge off and keep you calm!
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5. You want a BOY or GIRL?

Can you really choose the gender of your baby or is this just another old wives tale? While there isn’t any medical evidence to predict whether you can have a boy or girl, there are a few suggestions from mums around the globe:

What to do if you want a BOY...

  • Have sex on the day of the ovulation – male sperm are believed to swim faster and reach the egg first
  • You should reach an orgasm before your partner
  • Avoid sex a week before ovulation and ONLY have sex on the day you ovulate to make sure the sperm count remains high
  • Have deep penetration sex, for example from behind

What to do if you want a GIRL...

  • Have sex a few days before ovulation day because female sperm are believed to stronger and  last longer than male sperm
  • Your partner should reach an orgasm before you
  • Have sex frequently
  • Make sure that penetration is shallow

Happy baby making!

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