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Michele Carelse Feelgood Health

Feelgood Health open for business during the Coronavirus lock down - words from our founder

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands" Richard Bach

To all our special customers - we want you to know just how much we value you, how precious you all are and how important it is to keep yourself safe. During the more than 20 years that Feelgood Health has been on the market, many of you have shared our journey, as well as our mission to promote healthy, natural and organic alternatives to health and beauty for all our families!

Last night, our President announced a nationwide shutdown in order to try and control the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). This means that most businesses will close, except for essential services. The government has identified providers of health services and health products (including complementary health products) as essential services. 

Feelgood Health will therefore remain open and all our staff are standing by to continue to fulfill your orders and get them to you on time. We know that many of you rely on us for products that are essential to your health and we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to keep you supplied. 

Please note the following:

1. So far, thanks to our awesome team, we have managed to continue shipping all orders received before 12 noon on the same day as per our promise - this has not been an easy task with the increased demand for health products. We will continue to do our best, as we always do, to keep you supplied. As we are working on a skeleton staff, if there are delays, your understanding will be appreciated.

2. We are doing our best to remain in stock of all our products, but many suppliers are having difficulties keeping up with the demand - as people realise how natural remedies and supplements can help to protect them. This means that some suppliers are struggling to source bottles and other materials and are not able to supply us. We have decided to hide products that are out of stock so that they do not appear on the website. However, it could be that some orders come through just before we hide the products, so please bear with us as we communicate with you. 

3. One of our most popular products in the past few weeks has been Solgar Ester C. Solgar is now completely out of stock and unable to say when they will have stock again. A few other suppliers are in similar situations and this will probably get worse. However, please do not buy more than you need so that there is enough for everyone. One of the wonderful things about Nature's gifts is that many of them can fulfill the same purpose, especially when it comes to immunity. Please CLICK HERE to see all the products in our Immunity & Healing collection and remember that there are many ways you can protect yourself. If your favourite product is out of stock try another or email us for recommendations.

4. Only online and email orders will be fulfilled and delivered to your door. There will be no customer collections from our offices in Cape Town until further notice. This is to protect you and our staff and we value your understanding and cooperation in this. 

As we go forward, please be assured that Feelgood Health is walking with you. While you are at home, we want to bring you ideas on ways to keep your children entertained, how to deal with stress, how to keep yourself healthy, how we can find meaning in these challenging times - and many more articles of interest.

So use this time to rest and grow. Eat well, sleep well, snuggle with your children. Read that book, write that poem and paint that picture. Support each other and follow the guidelines on physical distancing, hand washing, etc. This is a difficult time for sure, but in many ways it comes with gifts in its hands!

We wish you and your family health, protection and strength over this time. 

With love, Michele

Michele Carelse

Founder & CEO: Feelgood Health


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