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Top 5 tips on how to stick to your new year's resolutions!

Top 5 tips on how to stick to your new year's resolutions!

Setting goals for the new year 

Let's be honest. We've all gone into a new year with a long list of resolutions, or goals, determined to stay true to all of them. Whether you want to stop smoking, start a savings account, learn to manage your moods, slim down and lose weight or simply be kinder to yourself, it can be daunting when the 1st of January finally arrives and you have to actually start putting in the work!

I've started off previous years with a list of about 10 goals that I feel passionate about seeing through the new year. When the new year begins, I put effort into my goals, only to get carried away by everyday life. Before I know it, poof, my resolutions are obsolete! In fact, Forbes says, "Only 8% of individuals typically keep their New Year’s resolutions throughout the year."

Looking back on all the years that I've failed to stick to my new year's resolutions, I can pin point certain mistakes I've made which have led to unfulfilled goals. This has allowed me to reshape the way I lay out my list and the way I follow through.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

Be realistic

My first piece of advice is to be realistic when setting your goals. Factor in the fact that life does indeed get busy while you try to balance work, family and social obligations! The more complex your goals are, the more overwhelming it becomes as daily life carries out. The more you feel like your resolutions are slipping through your fingers, the less enjoyable it becomes and you'll find yourself losing motivation. Rather set goals that can comfortably fit into your daily schedule without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Bigger isn't always better

The point of new year's resolutions is not to completely renovate your entire life. A better way to look at it is to reflect on your previous year and draw out certain key points that you'd like to improve on. I'd suggest that you compile a list of no more than 3 important goals for the new year. For example, you may want to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but are not sure if you can stick to it 100%. Start by going vegan for one or two days a week, then add to that as you become more comfortable and start enjoying living a meat-free life! When your list is manageable, you'll be able to focus on each individual goal more effectively, making it enjoyable and easier to accomplish! 

Set time frames

By setting a time frame for each individual goal, you give yourself a measurable and attainable goal to work towards. For example, if your goal is lose 10kg (lose weight naturally this summer with our diet and detox plan -FREE eBook included!), give yourself a realistic time frame such as 6 months in which to slim down. Working towards a goal with a time frame in mind is more productive than not giving yourself a time frame - ever heard of procrastination? The more leeway you have, the less likely you are to take it seriously and the less likely you are to accomplish it.

Write your goals down

The act of writing things down helps the manifestation process. In a way, it makes your goals 'official' in addition to giving you a reference if you ever lose track or forget. It also helps if, under each goal, you plan out how you are going to achieve your goals and specify the details.

Tell people your resolutions

Tell as many people as you can about your new year's resolutions! People are likely to ask you how it's going when you see them or chat to them over the phone, serving as a constant reminder. You're also less likely to fail if you don't want others to know about your failure. The more people that know, the better!

The Feelgood Health team wishes you a successful, beautiful and happy year EVERY year. Never hesitate to contact us for FREE advice - we're always happy to hear from you and assist!

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