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Does your pet have seasonal allergies?

Does your pet have seasonal allergies?

Spring has sprung and while many of us look forward to the change of season, there are those with seasonal allergies who absolutely dread it. Did you know that we humans are not the only ones who suffer from pesky allergies? Our furry companions are prone to allergies too and struggle with the constant sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses and itchy throats we also experience when spring comes around – not to mention itchy skin! This is the time of the year when our pets become victims of environmental allergies and are ultra-sensitive to grass, pollen, tree and mould, as well as allergies to flea bites (flea bite dermatitis).

Luckily, spring doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for our precious pets because there are great tips to prevent and relieve allergies quickly and effectively.

In order to prevent and relieve allergies in our pets, it’s important to know what signs to watch for.

How to tell if your pet has seasonal allergies?

  1. Is your pet itching and scratching all the time?

Does the itching and scratching seem to get worse after your pooch or kitty has been outside? Watch for head shaking if the ears are irritated and itchy, as well as rubbing of the face and pawing of the eyes to relieve discomfort.

  1. Is your pet’s skin red or inflamed?

Pets with allergies usually have red, irritated skin – their eyes, ears, chin, belly area, paws as well as in between their toes will appear red and inflamed. Any area of the body that makes contact with allergens such as grass or pollen will flare up.

  1. Is your pet licking, chewing or biting compulsively?

If your dog or cat is licking, chewing or biting his skin obsessively it may also be an indication that seasonal allergies are the cause.    

  1. Is your pet losing hair?

Loss of hair occurs if your pet is exposed to allergens repeatedly and does not receive the appropriate treatment

  1. Is your pet experiencing respiratory symptoms?

Just as people with allergies experience sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and a runny nose, so do our four-legged friends.

What you can do to prevent and relieve seasonal allergies in pets

Feed a high quality, natural diet 

Choose an all-natural diet for your pet that consists of high quality ingredients. Feeding your dog or cat a healthy, well balanced diet will boost their immune system, promote a glossy skin and coat, prevent ear and skin infections and keep them in tip top shape!

Frequent bathing and foot soaks

Relieve your pet’s itchy skin by giving him regular baths to wash the allergens off his skin and coat. Use a natural shampoo to treat allergic or sensitive skin. Foot soaks will also offer your furry pal much needed relief and will help to reduce the amount of allergens he brings into the house. For natural flea control, without the harmful chemicals, see Devoted By Nature's Flea Spray and Flea Wash

Keep your home allergen-free

Try to keep your home free of allergens by vacuuming carpets, upholstery and bedding frequently to reduce your pet’s risk of exposure. Use environment-friendly cleaning products that are gentle and safe and will not trigger an allergy episode.

Choose natural remedies to prevent & treat seasonal allergies

Dogs and cats that are susceptible to seasonal allergies often become so uncomfortable and distressed that they often end up on a course of cortisone for relief. By now we all know that long-term use of cortisone is not good for pets’ overall health! Choosing a more natural approach to treat and prevent allergies is a much gentler option for our pets.

In the Feelgood Pets range, natural remedies such as:

  • AllergiClear Pets – acts as a natural antihistamine and reduces and prevents the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, flea bite dermatitis or inhaled allergens such as grass or pollen
  • Allergy Itch Ease – a 100% homeopathic remedy which reduces itching and scratching quickly
  • Skin & Coat Tonic –a herbal tonic which promotes a healthy and glossy skin and coat and treats dry skin, eczema, dandruff, hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Respo-K - a 100% homeopathic remedy which relieves the symptoms of colds and respiratory infections in pets.

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Incorporating a healthy and more natural approach will make a significant difference to reducing your pet’s allergic reactions over time – which means a happy, stress-free pet!    
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