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Prolong your pet's lifespan naturally with these simple tips!

Prolong your pet's lifespan naturally with these simple tips!

Extend your pet's health, happiness and lifespan with these 6 tips

Saying goodbye to your fur baby is one of the most heartbreaking events that could happen to a fur parent. Naturally, fur parents dread that inevitable day, however, there are certain things you can do to prolong your pet's lifespan! Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or even a bunny, this guideline applies to all animals. 

By following these 6 simple tips to prolong your pet's lifespan, not only will your time with your beloved pet be extended, but your days together will be happier, healthier and filled with much joy!

Good dental care

One of the most fundamental elements of keeping your pet healthy and prolonging their lifespan is ensuring that their oral hygiene is up to standard! Many pet owners don't realise the importance of keeping their pets' teeth and gums healthy, and overlook dangerous symptoms like bad breath or tooth decay. Lack of oral hygiene in your pets can lead to serious gum diseases, infection in their heart valves or liver abscesses! Additionally, bad breath in your pet can indicate underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and liver disease. 

Solution: You can start brushing your pet's teeth as early as 2 months of age, using this Finger Toothbrush for Pets. The younger you start, the better, however it's never too late to start! It's recommended that you brush their teeth at least twice a week, but for best results we recommend you brush once a day! If you suspect your dog or cat may be suffering from periodontal (gum) disease, take them to the vet! Preventing periodontal disease is the easiest method of caring for your dog's oral hygiene. Establish a daily routine that includes brushing their teeth (view our Finger Toothbrush for Pets) in the morning, using this natural Dog Breath Freshener for sweet smelling breath after meals and giving them AllisOne Osteo Synergy for strong bones and teeth!

Regular exercise

Regularly exercising your pet is just as important as exercise is for you! Regular exercise brings a wide variety of health benefits for your pets, including joint health, healthy heart functioning, managing their weight, keeping their metabolism balanced, and preventing behavioural issues (chewing, barking, digging, hyperactivity) that occur from boredom and lack of stimulation!

Solution: Take your dog for daily walks, play Frisbee with them and encourage swimming. Have a look at some fun ‘throw and fetch’ toys that will keep you and your dog bouncing fit and entertained! Cats need exercise too, so make sure that you give them toys to chase or provide food puzzles to play with and keep them entertained. A good quality, comfortable running leash can make your walks and runs with your dog that much more enjoyable! 

Healthy diet

It's very important that you feed your pet a healthy, well balanced diet in order to prolong your fur baby's lifespan. Proper nutrition is key to extending your pet’s health and preventing a number of conditions such as diabetes, obesity, allergies and digestive problems. Many pet owners feed their pets commercial dried food which is very convenient, but contains preservatives, additives and flavourants – all of which is not good for your pet’s health! Additionally, many pet owners unknowingly feed their pets food that is harmful to their health.

Solution: Did you know that most pet foods and snacks are full of preservatives, colourants and other chemicals which may harm your pet's health AND the planet? That's why we have put together a selection of natural and organic food and snacks that are good for them AND Mother Earth, too! Replace commercial dried food to an all-natural pet food that contains no preservatives, additives or colourants! A great idea is to make your pet home-cooked meals (ReadTreat your dog to this nutritious beef and veggie crockpot recipe).


Stress plays a huge rule in anybody's vitality and health. A stressed mind leads to a stressed body, resulting in possible medical complications. An animal who is under stress, due to whatever reason, is likely to have a weakened immune system, be prone to allergies, develop heart conditions or even suffer from chronic depression. 

Solution: Ensure your pet's mood, anxiety and behaviour are kept under check. Feelgood Pets has a range of natural remedies to help your beloved pets manage their emotions safely and effectively, helping them to cope with stressful times or to overcome a problem in emotionally stressed or anxious pets! Allow your pets to have sufficient social interaction with other dogs and ample play time to burn off stress and built-up energy. Exercise also helps lift their mood, as well as love, patience and healthy attention.

Mental stimulation

Keeping your pet engaged in various activities every day is an essential tool to keep their brain functioning healthily. When your pet is bored, their brain activity becomes dull and they can easily slip into depression, a state of stress or start acting out in antisocial ways. If your pet is not stimulated mentally, they may lose their sense of purpose, which, in the same way that stress does, leads to medical conditions.

Solution: Ensure your pet has a selection of interactive and stimulating toys for dogs and for cats, to play with at home on a daily basis. Pets' toys are not only fun but they also help to keep your dog and cat fit, mentally stimulated and prevent boredom. Make sure you spend enough time with your pet and that they never feel neglected. 

Don't ignore symptoms

Never ignore symptoms that your pet might display, no matter how minor it seems. For example, bad breath could indicate kidney problems and diarrhea could indicate food poisoning! It's not worth the risk to assume that your pet is fine. Taking them to the vet as soon as you see they are in distress or are displaying any signs of disease, could save their life or prevent further complications from occurring! If your pet has a medical issue, we suggest using natural alternatives as often as possible. Prescription medication often comes with a list of nasty side effects that could do more damage than good, so it is always important to do your research first . and remember, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure!

If you have any questions, please contact our team or leave a comment below for FREE health advice. We always love hearing from you!

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