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Smelly pet: Dealing with Foul Farters

Smelly pet: Dealing with Foul Farters


So you’ve realized that nothing quite evacuates the room as fast as your beloved pet who has just let off wind! While it may be funny the first time, pet owners are bound to lose their sense of humour with this unpleasant pet problem. It can also be most embarrassing when you are ushering all your guests outdoors for a breath of fresh air!

There are a number of causes for flatulence, and if flatulence is a new problem and is quite severe it may be a good idea to get it checked by the vet as digestive problems can cause excessive wind. Other causes include:

  • The natural digestive process where food is broken down and gasses are released. Diets high in protein often cause gas, as the protein converts to sulphur.
  • Eating too fast causes air to become trapped in the intestinal tract which results in farting.
  • Eating poor quality food.
  • Dietary changes.
  • Eating too much human food which can often be too rich for your pet’s digestive system.
  • Eating foods that are known to cause flatulence such as cauliflower, eggs and beans.
  • Intestinal parasites.

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There are a few ways to deal with the problem of farting pets. Here’s what we recommended:

  1. Take your dog for lots of walks, and get your cats to play outside. The exercise helps to work the gas out the system and better yet, it is released outside in the fresh air.
  2. If your pet eats too fast, it may be because they are worried the food will be taken away. Let your pet eat in a quiet, undisturbed area, and if you have more than one pet, try separating them during feeding times.
  3. Avoid human tidbits and flatulence causing foods.
  4. Feed your pet smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. One or two large meals may put strain on your pet’s digestive system.
  5. Explore alternative pet foods that are more easily digested.
  6. Use Flatulence Preventer , 100% homeopathic remedy to help ease the digestive system and prevent wind.
  7. Add Digestive Support, a herbal remedy to improve overall digestive functioning.
  8. Try Vondi's Multi-Vitamin Supplement which is an excellent daily multi-vitamin supplement for pets and also assists with healthy digestive functioning.

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Lastly, a moderate amount of flatulence is normal and to be expected so don’t expect your pet to never fart – it happens to the best of us!

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Rennie Naude - July 18, 2018

Good day

I encoutered an error on the link to flatulence preventer. The dosage instructions on my bottle are damaged. I would like to know the correct dosage for a 55kg Rottweiler.

Kind regards
Rennie Naudé

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