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Earth Tribe Raw African Myrrh Incense Resin - Purify Your Space! (50g)

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An aromatic blessing from the dry African earth! 

  • Pure myrrh resin, organic and sustainably harvested from the Commiphora myrhha tree
  • Hand harvested in the warm lowlands of Southern Ethiopia
  • Sweet smelling Ethiopian myrrh is grounding and relaxing and is also used to purify and cleanse spaces of negative energies, instilling peace and quietness
  • Myrrh helps to uplift the spirits and creates a sacred sense of calm
  • Small scale gathering supports local communities in Ethiopia
  • Made in Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

How to use myrrh resin

Myrrh resin does not come in sticks like traditional incense. It comes in small pieces of dried resin that are traditionally placed on live coals. As most Western people do not always have coals handy, we use charcoal 'pucks', which are placed in a small receptacle (like a saucer) and lit. A small piece or two of the myrrh resin is placed on the puck and as it begins to smoulder, it releases the essential oils and wonderful fragrances from the resin in clouds of aromatic smoke, releasing its purifying and relaxing properties into the air. Once you use organic, unprocessed resin like this, you will never go back to the incense sticks! It really is a special treat!

Why we love Earth Tribe

Earthtribe  is a unique ethical business, bringing traditional organic African superfoods and the continent’s best beauty and body products to the conscious and mindful South African consumer.

EarthTribe strives to create a conscious living tribe, a place where the conscious consumer and the ethical supplier meet. By sourcing the best in socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable 100% African goods, EarthTribe is starting at home, empowering African farmers by their commitment to raising the standards.

    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.