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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very happy client

My daughter had been on Ritalin for the past 2years with lots of issues. I decided to try the adhd combo during the june holidays and what a difference. I received a lovely email from her teacher yesterday letting me know that they can see a huge improvement in her concentration and work ethic. I am very happy with this product. Finally something works.

Only a few weeks

I’m at only a few weeks that he has been using it and it’s the first week back at school. Looks like it’s working but the proof will be when I get in touch with the teachers trusting it will work based on other parents reviews.

New user (two weeks )

My son is 6 going on 7 , his teacher has already reported some improvements for the last week and a half of using this combo. He usually struggles to sit and finish his class work, can be very disruptive and impulsive . I will surely be ordering again. So glad that this works .

Nontokozo Sithole
Best product

I’m ordering for the second time around because I’ve seen the behaviour change on my 5 year old girl. She is less impulsive and no longer screams unnecessarily loud. She even asks me for her bright spark.

Tania De Wet
Fantastic combo

I was sceptical in the beginning seeing this is our first time using the combo. We are on day 3 and after the first day started seeing noticeable results. My 6 year old son is much calmer, has fewer and less intense meltdowns. This is such a huge improvement already. I'm so relieved I found something that actually works.

Awesome combo

I absolutely love this combo pack. My kids use it and it really works wonders.