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Blissful Baby Massage Oil: Massage oil for babies over 12 weeks old

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Safe and Gentle Aromatherapy Massage Oil for babies from 12 weeks old (30 ml)

  • Calms and relaxes your baby through massage
  • Strengthens the bonding process
  • Soothes teething and colicky babies 
  • For improved circulation throughout your baby’s body
  • For after-bath or bedtime relaxation to assist with sleep
  • Aids neurological development through massage
  • Pure aromatherapy essential oils 
  • Note: For newborns, please see our Infant Massage Oil 

Harmony & bonding through loving touch...

Young babies thrive on touch and infant massage is fast gaining in popularity due to its wonderful effects on babies’ health and well-being as well as the enjoyable, bonding experience it provides the parents or caregivers. Massaging your baby will help relieve discomfort of teething, colic, chest and sinus congestion as well as emotional stress and tension (for both of you!).

The natural way

Regular infant massage has been shown to improve neurological development and strengthen the immune system. The experience of therapeutic touch increases your child’s sensory awareness, improves circulation and enhances the tone and growth of developing muscles. Massage is also a wonderful way to bond with your baby, increase your confidence as a new parent and allow your partner to become involved as a hands-on dad to your new little one - especially if you are breastfeeding!

It is a relaxing and fun activity for both the parent and the baby and it can also increase how long and how deeply your baby sleeps - which is good news for everyone!

All about Blissful Baby Massage Oil

Blissful Baby Aromatherapy Massage Oil is specially formulated for babies from the age of 12 weeks and is a wonderful aid to infant massage. The specially selected blend of aromatherapy oils in this natural product will further enhance the benefits of massage by improving circulation, soothing any skin irritations and imparting a sense of calm and relaxation. Best of all, the beautifully soothing aromatherapy oils will benefit both of you during the massage experience!

You don't have to be an 'expert' to massage your baby! See below the  'How to Use' section for some helpful instructions on baby massage


Blissful Baby Aromatherapy Massage Oil contains essential oils of Mandarin, Chamomile and Neroli at a baby safe dilution in a natural almond carrier oil.

  • Mandarin essential oil is a soothing and uplifting oil. It has balancing and stimulating properties and is also known to regulate emotions. This oil will improve sleep patterns and soothe anxiety.
  • Chamomile essential oil soothes skin rashes and irritation. This oil also imparts a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Neroli oil improves circulation throughout the body, reduces anxiety and fear and brightens the spirit.

All BabyNature products have been developed with care by a Clinical Psychologist, are 100% natural and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile during pregnancy and infancy.

How has Blissful Baby Massage Oil helped others?

'My baby daughter really dislikes bath time and I had been battling to get her settled after every disastrous bath. There was just no way she was going to sleep after that - she would fuss for an hour or two after her bath no matter what! A friend of mine suggested I massage her and made specific mention of your website and your baby massage oils. I thought it sounded like a lovely idea and it really has turned out to be the answer I was looking for. My daughter really relaxes when I or her dad massage her and it’s actually quite fun for us as well. We started with the Infant Massage Oil and now that she’s a bit older we use Blissful Baby Massage Oil. This has a lovely smell and makes me feel just as calm and relaxed as her!' - Sam K.

'I was researching infant massage on the internet and came across your products. I was thrilled to find an aromatherapy massage oil that is safe for babies. I ordered it and have been using it on my 4 month old baby with wonderful results! He loves being massaged and sleeps very well afterwards. All in all he has actually seemed much less irritable and finicky in the few weeks I have been massaging him. Thank you for such a lovely, natural product.' - Christine

'I love your Blissful Baby Massage Oil! Caroline and I both feel relaxed and peaceful afterwards! :-)' - Ella

How do I use Blissful Baby Massage Oil?

With aromatherapy, a little goes a long way!  Pour a little into the palm of the hand and rub together to warm the oil.  Massage slowly and gently, avoiding the face and genital area. Lovely to use anytime, but especially after a bath or before bedtime! 

(Tip: You can also use a cap full in the bath before bedtime!) 

Not recommended for babies under 3 months (For younger infants, please see our Infant Massage Oil instead)  May contain traces of nut oil. For external use only.

How to massage your baby: Tips on baby massage

When should I massage my baby?
When you want to spend some special time bonding with your baby, a massage is usually a wonderful option. In general, about half an hour after feeding is a good time for massage in order to avoid any discomfort. After a bath or before settling your little one down to sleep are also both ideal times. Infant massage is best done when you have some time and are not in a hurry. However, if your attempts to massage your baby are met with resistance or your baby doesn’t cooperate with you - don’t become frustrated - rather try again at another time.

What else is important before I start?
Put your bottle of Blissful Baby Massage Oil into a bowl or jug of hot (not boiling)water to warm. Make sure you are in a warm environment and undress your baby completely. You may prefer to cover the areas of your baby’s body not being massaged if the weather is cold. Place your little one on a soft surface and ensure that your hands are warm. Now you are ready to start!

How should I massage my baby?

  • Start from your baby’s head and work your way down to the toes. It is best to leave out your baby’s face and genital region altogether. You should use a soft, gentle pressure no firmer than you can comfortably press on your own eyelids when your eyes are closed.
  • Start on your baby’s temples and gently move to the top of the head, the area around the ears and along the jaw line. Gently massage the back and sides of the neck and move slowly down to the shoulders and upper chest.
  • Next, stroke the armpits and then along the arms with your finger and thumb encircling the arm. At the joints you may like to move them back and forth very slowly and gently but be careful especially of the sensitive elbow joint.
  • In a larger, clockwise, circular motion, massage the abdomen. Move to the legs and massage as you did the arms. The feet are next and this part of the massage will really relax your baby. Put gentle pressure on the toes one by one and then gently rub the rest of the foot and the heels.
  • Turn your baby over to massage his/her back. Soft strokes from the head along the shoulders and down the back either side of the spine to the buttocks, are best. Once again, massage the legs down to the feet.
  • Gently repeat the whole process from head to toes.
  • If your baby wants to move or change position, don’t worry, just move to a newly-accessible area and return to the part you had been massaging later on.
  • You can also talk to your baby or sing while you are massaging. However, maintain quiet peaceful sounds in order to enhance the relaxing effect. Feelgood Health's Rocking Chair CD has a wonderful relaxing musical sound track that perfectly suits the medium of infant and baby massage.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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