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Canna do without Cannapaw :-)

I have used various strengths of the cannapaw oils for my dogs. The pro-300mg is super for anxious dogs especially in bas weather. Its also great for joints and mobility issues.

Johann Roos
Excellent Product!

Excellent Product. Very Happy with results.

David Saunders
Amazing product

This is a staple in our house, the best on the market, works wonders

Angel Dawson
Marked improvement during thunderstorms

My little Yorkie boy has become terrified of thunderstorms over the past 3 summers as we had some terrifically loud lightning strikes nearby (and even normal rain and strong wind upsets him now as he associates them with storms too). He shakes, cowers, tries to hide, goes absolutely berserk and had me at my wits' end because when you have this - especially in the middle of the night - you just don't know what to do! I tried dudu drops, rescue remedy, Xanax from the vet, and more with no improvement at all. Eventually I contacted Cannapaw because I'd bought a bottle previously but was cautious to try it. The lady was SO helpful and guided me regarding dosage, and put my mind at ease.

What a difference!! Now he (and therefore we too) can actually sleep during a storm and rain. He still panics a bit, especially if I wait too long before dosing him - so now, if I even think it could storm, I give him a dose rather than let him get all worked up, even if the storm is a false alarm and just moves away. Cannapaw was a blessing last summer and I highly recommend it to relieve animals of thunderstorm/firework stress and fear. We still need to cuddle during the storm, but he does settle and go to sleep whereas before he would claw at me in panic. Thank you so much, Cannapaw.

Helps with my cat's arthritis

My elderly cat has arthritis and I find this product helps a lot without the nasty side effects that you typically get with meds from the vets.

Leandra Wicks
cats with cancer

My cat was diagnosed with lymphoma - this product is fantastic for helping him heal