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Congestion Pillow & Linen Spray (100ml) | BabyNature

R 130.00

The Congestion Pillowcase Spray Baby Needs

BabyNature Congestion Pillow Spray helps to decongest a blocked, stuffy nose! A wonderful aromatherapy mix of essential oils for quick easy-breathing and healthy slumber, which also helps your baby to relax! Safe to use from birth.

  • Naturally helps to open airways and facilitate easy breathing 
  • Spray baby linen spray for blocked nose and airways onto bedding for easy inhalation and relaxation
  • Essential oils to open the airways and induce feelings of relaxation through aromatherapy
  • Fabulous scent to fill the room and build scent-association and relaxation
  • 100% natural ingredients, no additives, no artificial preservatives, no 'nasties'

Ingredients: Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange, Distilled water, Alcohol (naturally derived), polysorbate 20 (plant source)

Baby Linen Spray For Blocked Nose And Peaceful Sleep

Did you know? Mucous is Mother Nature's way of getting rid of a virus by coughing and sneezing. Rather than trying to dry up the mucous, rather help it to come out by opening up the airways!

Congestion might cause your baby to have a hard time sleeping or feeding, snore, or become distressed. Breathing through the lips can also sometimes be an indication that your baby’s nose is congested. 

Opening the airways by using our Congestion Pillowcase Spray baby will love, will help them to expel the virus more effectively. BabyNature Congestion Pillow Spray will also help your baby relax and encourage a good night's rest (for the whole family too!).

The baby linen spray for blocked nose and airways, can also be sprayed onto mom or dad's clothes before nursing or giving baby their bottle. This will help prevent your little one from having difficulty feeding caused by congestion. 

BabyNature Congestion Pillow Spray - How To Use

Spray lightly on baby's bedding just before bedtime. Do not saturate the bedding. 

Tip: You can also use BabyNature Congestion Baby Bath Oil and BabyNature Congestion Massage Oil for extra effect.

Note: Keep all products out of reach of children.

Why We Love BabyNature

Bringing you Mother Nature's loving touch! BabyNature offers a wide range of premium baby care essentials, toiletries and remedies. Staying true to their name and ethos, each product has been formulated with love and care for our precious little ones. You won't find a single nasty ingredient in this baby care range!

This product has not been evaluated by SAPHRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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