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Welcome Baby - Pure Flower Essences to welcome newborn babies

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Natural Flower Essences to Welcome your Newborn Baby

  • Aids your baby's recovery from the birth process
  • Imparts a sense of security and belonging in the physical world
  • Encourages a feeling of contentment and inner peace
  • Supports a sense of awe and wonder
  • Imparts spiritual strength and the sense of being cared for

A sense of security & belonging

Your new baby has just entered the world and started this wonderful journey we call life! You are no doubt excited, exhausted and a bit overwhelmed by everything that has happened!

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, just imagine what your little one must be experiencing! After months of floating in the quiet, calm and warm environment of the womb where the most common sound was mom’s muffled but soothing voice, your baby has now been swiftly plummeted into the bright, noisy world where physical stimuli are new and sometimes overwhelming. So much is going on around her that it can be almost impossible to take it all in!

As you can imagine, the big wide world is a lot less snug and comforting than inside your uterus and your baby must feel quite lost and scared sometimes, even though you are doing everything possible to help her to adjust and feel secure. Though we don’t often think about it because we can’t consciously remember our own experience, the very beginning of life must be the biggest adjustment a human being ever has to make!

How can Welcome Baby help? 



Flower and gem essences are classified as energy medicines and work by using the vibrational energy of the flowers or gems chosen to achieve upliftment and strength. The best known flower essences internationally are the Bach Flower Essences. 

South Africa has a rich floral diversity, particularly in the Western Cape. The flower essences used in this remedy are made from indigenous South African flowers, wild harvested from the floral kingdom found on the slopes of Table Mountain. They are therefore pesticide and chemical free. 

By combining handmade essences of especially chosen flowers, BabyNature Welcome Baby Essence will safely help to ease your little one’s recovery from birth and adjustment to life outside the womb, giving him or her a sense of inner peace and the feeling of belonging in the universe. Flower essences use the vibrational energies of selected flowers to effect healing within the individual and do not contain any synthetic ingredients or even natural extracts of herbs. This makes them extremely safe for use for newborn babies!

'BabyNature Flower Essences and baby-safe massage oils are wonderful mediums to settle new babies and help them to feel secure and loved during the first few months of their lives. The combination of emotional healing and grounding provided by flower essences and the physical soothing provided by the warm loving touch of infant massage given by loving parents can provide benefits for your baby that will last way past infancy. As a therapist I know that the journey of life can be greatly influenced by its beginnings! Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist


Welcome Baby Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

  • Sweetpea flower essence provides a calm and quiet internal environment when all around, the physical world is a whirl of activity. This essence will promote inner peace and impart a sense of belonging in the universe.
  • Thyme is an energizing essence which also enhances awareness of both the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Baeometra is a revitalizing essence which will address exhaustion and impart a sense of new promise and optimism. For the newborn baby who is fatigued from the birth process, Baeometra will give energy and enthusiasm for this new life and environment.
  • Cauliflower essence is specifically for shock sustained during the birth process and helps to release the pain and trauma of entering the world.
  • Rosemary flower essence brings a sense of security, comfort in ones physical body and a feeling of inner peace and warmth.
  • Dune Calendula essence is used for periods of change and transition. This essence imparts the knowledge that you are never alone and the sense of being cared for and guided through the difficult times. Also gives spiritual strength and courage.
  • Petunia essence enhances inspiration and creativity, thereby allowing the realization of dreams. A sense of wonder and an inner optimism at the possibilities of the future are encouraged by this natural flower essence.

      All BabyNature products have been developed with care by a Clinical Psychologist, are 100% natural and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients have been specially chosen for their high safety profile during pregnancy and infancy.

      How has Welcome Baby Essence helped others?

      'I am so grateful that I found your wonderful website and especially the WelcomeBaby Essence- I just wish I had found it sooner! My little boy, Joshua, was born after a long and difficult labour by an emergency Ceasarian section as he had become distressed. Josh is my third child and I noticed that he was always “unsettled” compared to my previous babies - I really felt that he was showing the after-effects of his traumatic entry into the world. Your Welcome Baby Essence sounded like just what he needed so I ordered it and began giving it to him when he was a few days old. The difference was astounding! From the first dose Joshua seemed calmer, more at ease and less fussy and agitated. Over the following few days he really seemed to settle into our routine and became a much more contented and secure baby - he cried less, slept more soundly and was generally more playful and gurgly. I am so relieved that I found something that helped him so quickly because I was quite worried that the trauma of his birth would have long-term consequences. Thank you for an amazing product!' - Katie D.

      'I found your Welcome Baby Essence really helped my twins to “find their feet” after birth which, in turn, helped me to create a calmer environment and more consistent routine in our home. I’ve always thought that being born must be quite an awful experience (though one with great rewards!) and was very glad to find this product to ease my kids into the world and what we think of as real life. I look forward to using the rest of your range too- all the products look wonderful!'
      - Eileen R, new mum to Hayleigh and Matthew

      'I call it Rescue Remedy for new babies! It helped so much to settle Thandi after her birth! She would start crying and even shaking and I would just rub some under her feet - amazing!' - Priscilla 

      How do I use Welcome Baby Essence?

      Welcome Baby Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of stock strength, hand-bottled flower essences and should be used as follows:

      Directions: Add 7 drops to baby's bath each day for 7 days and/or rub a little Welcome Baby Essence under your baby's feet as needed.

      Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Amazing Product

      I cannot rave about this product enough! Has helped my baby more times than I can count, whether he is crabby or just as a general comforter. We purchased it after he was just born and have been using it since, including in his bath everyday. I usually just apply a drop under each foot and that does the trick. It helps him drift off to sleep after bath time, as well as puts him to sleep almost immediately at any other time which is so helpful with tiny babies!