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Are You Sweating Up A Storm? What Is Normal?

Are You Sweating Up A Storm? What Is Normal?

Summer’s just around the corner! Does the thought of long, hot days make you feel sweaty and miserable? Don’t worry, you are not alone! It really is very difficult to keep your cool when you have sweat pouring down your face, under your arms and feet, on the palms of your hands, between your breasts and down your back!. While we all know that sweating is a natural body process, it can also be extremely embarrassing when it becomes a problem and you have no control over it. Excessive sweating can also be due to a condition called hyperhidrosis, which we discuss in more detail a little further down.

Why you sweat?

In order to understand if you are sweating excessively, it’s important to understand why you sweat. Sweating is your body’s way of maintaining your normal body temperature. It is a salt-based fluid which is released from sweat glands and when it mixes with the bacteria of the skin, creates that distinct sweaty body odour. The sweating function in the body is controlled by your autonomic nervous system – this is part of the nervous system that you have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER!

The average person’s body contains between two to four million sweat glands which can be found in the skin and all over the body. Here’s what happens when you sweat – the sweat is secreted through the pores of your skin and moistens the body. It cools you down as it evaporates.

The amount of sweat you secrete depends on how many sweat glands you have. It also depends on your genetics as well as diet, health and emotions, AND where you sweat. Some people may find that they sweat more under their arm pits than others – we’ve all witnessed the all-too embarrassing underarm sweat stain seeping through!

While women may have more sweat glands than men, men sweat more because their sweat glands are more active! We also know that in summer we ALL sweat more. Your sweat glands automatically kick in by responding to your brain’s signal that it is HOT. What happens is that when sweat is secreted through the pores of your skin, it moistens the body and cools you down as it evaporates.  

Working out and exercising, being overweight and out of shape, anxious, pregnant, menopausal or experiencing the side effects of medications are also ways in which the body reacts and produces more sweat than usual.

What is normal sweating and what’s not?

So, what is considered normal sweating? The amount of sweat that you release varies from person to person and basically, depends on the demands of your body. Where some people may sweat less than a litre, others may sweat up to a number of litres per day – of course, depending on what they are doing. For instance, if you’re exercising outdoors in summer or you’re working outside in the heat doing manual work, be prepared to sweat a lot!

If, however, you are sweating more than you should or for no particular reason, then you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis, also called excessive sweating.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

In hyperhidrosis, you are sweating more than what your body needs you to sweat. This means that your body’s cooling mechanism is overactive and exceeds your “sweat needs” – it is producing almost five times the amount of sweat you need. For example, if it’s a cold, winters day and you are sweating, or you’re sitting calmly with your family and sweating, then it’s not normal. Excessive sweating can also be caused by certain pain medications, fever, thyroid conditions, low blood pressure, infection, obesity or cancer. 

In most cases, excessive sweating is harmless! Most people are aware when their sweating is out of control or they feel embarrassed about it. If excessive sweating is making you uncomfortable or you suspect that it may be as a result of an underlying condition, consult your physician.   

How you can stop excessive sweating

Drink plenty of water

In order to control sweating, drink lots of water or fluids containing electrolytes to replace sweat. It may seem strange to drink more water when you are trying to stop sweating, but drinking water cools you down and also helps to keep kidneys and all body organs well regulated.

Natural deodorants and soaps

Lots of people who suffer from excessive sweating, use deodorants and antiperspirants to stay cool and dry, and smell fresher for longer. The problem with these deodorants and antiperspirants is that they contain a slew of toxic chemicals which are harmful for you! Use natural and eco-friendly deodorants, fragrances and soaps which are safer and healthier for you. 

• Choose the right clothing

Wear clothes that help to resist heat – choose natural fibre clothing or 100% organic cotton that is breathable. Bright coloured clothing also absorb sweat and perspiration much better. Dress in layers and as you become warmer, you can undress as needed to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Avoid spicy food and caffeine

If a coffee, a hot curry, spicy taco or jalapeno peppers are some of your favourites, you going to have to say no to them to control your sweating. Caffeine and spicy foods stimulate the sweat glands causing excessive sweat.

• Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have a definite impact on how the body produces sweat. If you are nervous or anxious about something, your sweat glands are often overactive in some areas of the body. Acknowledge what is causing your anxiety and keep calm by practicing deep breathing, going for a walk, doing yoga or pilates or listening to soothing music. A good dose of PureCalm which is a herbal remedy to calm and relieve anxiety, stress and nervousness works like a charm!

Natural remedies for sweating and hyperhidrosis

In the Feelgood Health range, we have a 100% homeopathic remedy called SweatLess specially formulated to reduce excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. SweatLess balances fluid levels in the body to control perspiration – and best of all, it’s free of alcohol and artificial chemicals. 
TIP: Use PureCalm for instant anxiety relief together with SweatLess to feel stress-free and sweat-free during the day. 

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!
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