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Failed resolutions? There's still time!

Failed resolutions? There's still time!

The statistics don't lie: The University of Scranton reported that just 8% of people reach their New Year's Resolutions. BUT, new research and a University study shows that it's never too late - the trick is quite literally very plain and we're about to show you how...

1. Do you believe in yourself?

In a study led by a Stanford University psychologist, scientists set out to measure whether individuals believed they had a set amount of willpower. In other words, if a person believed that he or she could run out of willpower. The researchers then tried to convince them otherwise - by telling some subjects that willpower was never-ending, as much as you need, you have. The results? "The subjects performed better or worse, depending on their own belief in the durability of their willpower.”
LESSON 1: If you believe you can do it, you will succeed.

2. A little goes a long way - so keep it simple.

We're all victims of this: making a grand resolution that's well-meaning, but doomed to fail. According to psychologist Lynn Bufka, avoid the psychologically daunting huge things and rather set "small, attainable goals, rather than a singular, overwhelming goal." Remember that it's not the ENORMITY of the change that matters, but the recognition of the lifestyle change that counts. John Norcross of the University of Scranton sums it up: "We say if you can’t measure it, it’s not a very good resolution because vague goals beget vague resolutions." In other words, "lose weight" is not measurable. In contrast, one block of dark chocolate instead of a slab is measurable.
LESSON 2: Break it down into measurable, realistic mini-goals.

3. Make it public!

With today's social media sweeping our every day lives, making your resolutions public is easy - and sometimes unavoidable! But this may be a good thing according to some recent research. Sharing goals with friends and family builds accountability. One woman, Anna Newell Jones, ran into thousands of dollar worth of debt. She then launched a blog, 'And then we saved'. After a year long chronicle of her efforts to go from shopaholic to spendthrift; she’d paid off her debt in full!
LESSON 3: Making your goal part of the real world gets results.


So, let's take this 3-step plan into real life and adapt it to the top 4 resolutions:

1. Stop smoking

  • Mantra to tell yourself: "I can do this, I will gift to myself healthy lungs and added years of life with those who love me."
  • Keep it simple: Don't run through the house and throw away every cigarette. Don't quit cold turkey. Start by setting a 'reduction plan'. Tell yourself you will smoke 3 less cigarettes per day for a set period of 2 weeks. Then, mark a quit date 1 month ahead on the calendar, continue smoking your reduced allotted supply and start taking MindSoothe Capsules to prevent depression and anxiety. When your quit date arrives continue with MindSoothe Capsules. Introduce Crave Rx Drops three to six times daily to reduce nicotine craving, control appetite and prevent the weight gain often associated with quitting. If you experience mood swings or a 'short fuse syndrome', suck Triple Complex NicoTonic tablets when needed to reduce restlessness, bad mood and agitation. For the full 8-week program to stop smoking naturally click here.
  • Take it into the real world: Tell your friends and family your plan to cut down on cigarettes. Post weekly Facebook posts to your friends, with an inspirational quote and your progress! Patrick, our Stop Smoking Challenge winner, took his resolution into the real world by entering our very public competition and using our Stop Smoking Solution to quit. 
  • Extra help: Mindsoothe Capsules, Crave-Rx, Triple complex Nico-Tonic.

2. Weightloss

  • Mantra to tell yourself:"I can do this, I will gift to myself a body that can serve me properly and let me do the things I want to do!"
  • Keep it simple: Instead of saying 'start going to the gym' rather try: attend 2 classes per week. Instead of cutting out all 'bad' foods and living on salads, try to rather follow a rule: no junk food during the week and only one 'treat' on weekends. Perhaps instead of fitting into a bikini by summer you can aim to lose centimetres instead and buy that beautiful sarong you've been lusting after, when you do! Instead of eating salads only for 6 weeks, add EcoSlim drops to a sensible, healthy eating plan… reduce gradually, starting with cutting out that extra toast slice or substituting low fat cheese for full cream cheese.
  • Take it into the real world: Create a vision board. This takes it out of the realm of your mind and onto paper. Cut out all the things a fitter body would be able to do: mountain walks, jogging, playing with kids, even sleeping better! Add clothes, accessories and images that inspire you! Team up with a walking buddy and take a walk around the neighbourhood twice a week.
  • Extra help: EcoSlim is fantastic for burning fat, curbing the craving for sweet foods and lessening appetite naturally! Detox Drops can also be used to great effect when trying to lose weight as it naturally rids the body of toxins and therefore helps any weightless effort.

3. Success in your studies or career

  • Mantra to tell yourself:"I can do this, I will gift to myself a mind that can serve me well by absorbing the studies and subjects I am interested in and furthering my potential!"
  • Keep it simple: Instead of aiming for the chairman of the board, tell yourself that you will start looking for ways to slowly improve your skill set - become more efficient in your job or perhaps start saving towards a course in a related field of interest. In your studies, instead of acing an exam, try for a 10% increase on your previous test result. It's a good idea to discuss these measures with your teacher so that he or she can help you pan a realistic goal. this also helps to take it into the real world by involving someone else.
  • Take it into the real world: Buddy-up with a friend or work colleague. Start looking at regular study sittings together. Watch (or rent) the play that you need to learn, or visit the museum to learn the history you need to study.  If you're learning a language, cook a meal themed to the country. If you are wanting to move ahead in your career, speak to a mentor at work about a real-world sit down and chat with someone higher up in the company to help you set goals to move forward.
  • Extra help: Focus Formula is a wonderful study aid that can really give you that extra edge of concentration and focus, without any stimulants (also perfect to keep in the desk at work!). For ongoing study efforts and information retention, BrainShine are fantastic and all natural helping the brain during study sessions or work time.

4. Lower your stress levels, learn to relax

  • Mantra to tell yourself: "I can do this, I will gift to myself time out to enjoy this life stress-free, after all it's a one-ride ticket!"
  • Keep it simple: Instead of banning stress form your day (nearly impossible), try to take 20min to sit quietly, turn your cellphone to silent and clear your mind. On the drive home, switch off the radio and rather play  a classical music cd. Look for ways to reduce stress by making real, practical lifestyle changes.
  • Take it into the real world: Invest in a wind chime, or metronome for your home office or study. Use these items to mentally wind down through sound. Train your mind to let go of the days events when you hear the ticking of the metronome or the chimes in the wind. Be kinder to yourself and get into a routine of pamper time - a long bath with scented products, followed by a chapter or two of your favourite book of the moment.
  • Extra help: PureCalm can be used on the spot to address any stress or anxiety. The fast acting formula gets to work and because it does not contain sedatives, no drowsiness! Feelgood Health's range of aromatherapy products is a must-have for anyone struggling with stress-management!
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