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Is your man faking it?

Is your man faking it?

According to experts, the surprising answer is yes!

Doctors are seeing more and more cases of DE (delayed ejaculation) where the male partner fakes an orgasm because he cannot climax. DE is also an umbrella term used to include taking longer to reach orgasm and/or not being able to climax at all. Of course there are tell-tale signs and orgasm is usually faked while wearing a condom, but it can be faked without. A US survey found that as much as 34% of men have faked an orgasm in their lifetime and experts agree this issue is a legitimate concern facing men – as much as female sexual dysfunction is a concern for women.

The next question may be "Why would a man fake orgasm?"
Well, why would a woman fake it for that matter?
The number one reason it seems, is fear of hurting the other partners' feelings coupled with embarrassment for not being able to achieve orgasm.

Antidepressants, diabetic medications, stress and performance anxiety can all contribute to a man not being able to achieve release.
One man experienced inability to achieve orgasm when his wife stopped her birth control – turns out that the pressure of fatherhood was too much.
So, ladies and gents – communication is the key – TALK about the issues that bother you.
Remember that if you are too tired for sex or are not entirely in the mood, your partner is far likely to understand rather than feel that he or she has done something 'wrong' in the bedroom.
Look into natural ways of becoming aroused or invest in a passion booster.

Remember that true love withstands the bumps in the road… or in this case, the bedroom.

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