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Quick Quiz: Are You Hell To Live With?

Quick Quiz: Are You Hell To Live With?

Grab a pen and paper and take our quick quiz...

1. At the end of the day on returning home, this describes me best:
A. All smiles and ready for some relaxation
B. Let me grab a quick snack and then we'll catch up
C. Don’t speak to me for an hour until I unwind. And I mean it

2. On an average day I have this thought more than once:
A. Life is just grand, tra-la-la-la-laaa
B. Tomorrow will be better
C. I could leave everything and go live in a cabin with not a soul in sight

3. When I argue with the person I live with I mostly end up...
A. Poking them in the ribs with a naughty grin and making up
B. Trying to strike a fair compromise
C. Glue-ing their favourite mug back together

4. If I've had a bad day I often...
A. Turn my frown upside down
B. Feel grumpy for a bit, but it wears off and then I'm back to normal
C. Instigate an argument or find fault with something... anything

5. The person I live with would say I'm famous for my...
A. Homemade apple pie
B. Even-keel attitude
C. Clenched jaw

6. If I don’t get my way I usually...
A. Take those lemons and make lemonade
B. Remember that life is about ups and downs, C'est la vie
C. Sulk (and then I get my way)

7. A common sound in our house is...
A. Nothing. I'm totally Zen
B. Chatter. We get along great
C. My regular soundtrack of slamming a door, or window, or the fridge, or cupboards (you get the picture)

8. The saying that suits my outlook is...
A. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ― Roald Dahl
B. "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" - Nietzsche
C. (That guy John Donne was wrong: every man is an Island)

9. In the workplace I have friends that mostly...
A. End up sprinkled with my glitter and sheer positivity
B. Support me as I do them, it's a two-way street
C. What are friends?

10. While taking this quiz...
A. I've been humming and tapping my foot to the tune in my head
B. I've been looking forward to calculating my results
C. I've smashed my mouse with frustration, so I can't complete the quiz

Okay, time to find out if you win the award for Housemate of the Year...

Mostly C's

Ouch. How do we put this...
You need some assistance - and Mother Nature is a great, great helping hand! Not everyone is born with even tempered emotions. Moody days are hard. For women PMS can strike, or a hard day at the office can really get under your skin if you’re a man. It’s okay to admit that sometimes you feel like the Incredible Hulk when anger and frustrations take over.

VERDICT: PureCalm stat!

Mostly B's

Hmm. You manage the bumps in the road and manage to keep your feelings balanced. Your living partner probably appreciates your ability to keep an even temperament in tricky situations and the way you do it with love and support. If you have the occasional bad day, chances are you're back to normal soon but you may need some help now and then.

VERDICT: PureCalm 

Mostly A's

Wait a second, are you Mary Poppins? Living with you must be like an animated movie, with birds flying in and singing around your shoulders. You're a ray of sunshine! Do you only cry rainbows? Bottle your secret – you'll make millions. (Be careful that you're not hiding your true emotions under a façade of perfection and that your living partner doesn’t feel exhausted trying to keep up with all the smiles and good vibes). It's okay to have a bad day once in a while!

VERDICT: If by any chance you ever have a bad day or anxiety, PureCalm is the way to go!

Mother Nature to the rescue!

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!

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