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Are You Showing Signs of Early Alzheimer's?

Understanding Alzheimer’s

At some point, we all experience forgetfulness and memory glitches. You forgot where you put your car keys, you walk into a room and can’t remember your reason for coming in there in the first place or it was on the tip of tongue but you have no idea what it was you wanted to say.

Forgetfulness and poor memory is perfectly normal as you age! However, when memory lapses start happening frequently, it may be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a brain disease which progressively worsens over time and causes changes in thinking, memory and behaviour. While this condition is more common in people in people 65 years and older, it can also affect those in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

5 top warning signs of early Alzheimer’s

1. Memory Loss

People who forget the details completely about a recent experience, event or conversation may be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s. Forgetfulness also occurs more often and being able to recall that information becomes a problem. In the Feelgood Health range, MemoRise is a herbal remedy which contains Gingko Biloba and helps with age related memory loss. Using this remedy will improve memory, concentration and attention span. Add Triple Complex Brain Tonic, a tissue salt combination which works at a cellular level to help improve memory and promotes cerebral blood flow for extra support.
What’s considered normal?  Forgetting certain details from a recent event or conversation
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2. Language Problems

Forgetting basic words, or not finding a word at all, substituting words incorrectly, and difficulty with pronunciation commonly affects the way people with Alzheimer’s communicate. Speech becomes hard to understand as well as explaining thoughts and ideas.
What’s considered normal?  Occasionally, we all struggle to remember a word
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3. Disorientation and Confusion

People with Alzheimer’s can become disorientated and lost in familiar surroundings such as their own neighbourhoods – they may not be able to remember their own address and be found wandering around aimlessly. Simple things that we take for granted, such as cooking or cleaning suddenly becomes a confusing task for them to complete.
What’s considered normal?  Forgetting where you are going or what day it is
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4. Misplacing Things

People with Alzheimer’s may put things in unusual places such as an iron in the fridge or the TV remote in the cutlery drawer. They often lose things and are then unable to retrace their steps to recover the missing items.
What’s considered normal?  Misplacing things from time to time such as keys or your cell phone.
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5. Personality Changes

The personality changes of a person with Alzheimer’s can become quite distressing. They may experience sudden mood swings, anger, irritability, anxiety or depression. The main cause of these type of symptoms is because the brain cells start deteriorating progressively. Using a natural approach to address these symptoms can help tremendously. MindSoothe and PureCalm herbal remedies are an excellent combo to treat anxiety and depression in a gentle but effective manner. 
What’s considered normal?  Feeling angry, mood or depressed sometimes
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