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Artemisia - Africa's Super Herb | Health benefits, uses

Artemisia - Africa's Super Herb | Health benefits, uses

Common names: wild wormwood, African wormwood (Eng.); wilde-als (Afr.); umhlonyane (isiXhosa); mhlonyane (isiZulu); lengana (Tswana); zengana (Southern Sotho)

Recently, Artemisia has grabbed the global spotlight and is currently undergoing trials that suggest that it may show promise in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. While this is a lengthy process, Artemisia has many undisputed benefits and has been used for many generations by people in Africa.

The sales of Artemisia remedies have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as people look for natural ways to support respiratory health. 

Artemisia is named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of wild nature, vegetation, animals, hunting, chastity and childbirth. Artemisia is a highly aromatic perennial herb that can grow up to 2 metres in height, and is one of the oldest and best known medicinal plants, still used effectively today by people of all cultures. 

Besides being used as a love charm, Artemisia also has an extensive list of medicinal uses and health benefits, including:

  • Used for respiratory health (coughs, colds, blocked nasal passages and tight chests)
  • Relieves headache, fever, colds and flu
  • Improves appetite and digestive functioning
  • Eases symptoms of colic in infants
  • Soothes headaches and earaches
  • Treats intestinal worms and malaria
  • Moth repellent and natural insecticide spray
  • Jan van Riebeeck noted Artemisia in his diary - providing detail on how they used it for a variety of complaints such as gout and jaundice
  • Supports sugar balance
  • Acts as a natural painkiller and relaxant
  • Rids feet and shoes of bad odour 

How to use Artemisia

The roots, stems and leaves are used in many different ways and may be taken as oils, enemas, capsules, poultices, infusions, body washes, lotions, snuffed or drunk as a tea.

Caution: Please consult your doctor should symptoms persist. Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established. 

The easiest way to reap the benefits of Artemisia is to take it in capsule form, as it's more palatable and convenient for people who do not like the bitter taste. View 100% Powdered Artemisia Capsules (Vegan-Friendly).

As we all know, people with co-existing medical conditions may be most at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those with diabetes, Inala Health combines Artemisia and Bitter Melon in vegan capsule form to provide a traditional treatment for sugar balance and respiratory health.

You can also use 100% Pure Artemisia Essential Oil by adding a few drops of the oil to hot water for steam inhalation, or in the bath. You can also use it in an oil burner or cold mist diffuser.

Although this herb has been used as a tradition medicine for thousands of years, it is easy to see why Artemisia is currently in such high demand!

If you have any question, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE health advice. We always love hearing from you!

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