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Fight colds and flu naturally!

Fight colds & flu naturally this season!

Fight colds and 'flu naturally!

Winter is on its way! While many of us are looking forward to the cooler weather (and hopefully more rain in the Cape!), winter also brings with it a greater risk of infection with colds and ‘flu. By the time winter is well underway, we begin to receive many desperate requests for help from families who have had repeated bouts of ‘flu, ear infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other secondary infections. Courses after course of antibiotics, expensive visits to the doctor and time out from school and work can leave families looking for a better way to protect themselves and their children. Before winter starts, let us show YOU how!

 PREVENTION: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

We’ve all heard that prevention is better than cure and that is very true. But how can you best protect yourself against colds & ‘flu? Everyone agrees that a healthy immune system is the place to start. Many doctors also recommend a ‘flu vaccine. But with all the negative press on vaccines, is this really the way to promote health?

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 The ‘flu vaccine – Yes or No?

From a naturopathic point of view, frequent vaccinations can weaken immune functioning and ultimately lead to ill health and more serious illnesses. In addition to that there have been studies that suggest that ‘flu vaccines are not really effective for the most vulnerable age groups – children and the elderly. Since we are looking for an option that will promote and not weaken immune functioning, while still protecting you from infection, luckily homeopathy has the solution!

Homeopathy uses the current year’s ‘flu vaccine and prepares this in a homeopathic potency, meaning that you get all the protection of the ‘flu vaccine without the negative side effects! Even better, you do not need to have a nasty injection!

BaniFlu is Feelgood Health’s natural alternative to the flu vaccine – as it contains a 100% homeopathic formulation of the current year’s ‘flu vaccine! BaniFlu will help to build systemic immunity against the flu virus, without any of the toxic side effects that can occur as a result of the conventional flu vaccine. Taken at the start of the flu season (or before travelling), BaniFlu will stimulate the body’s “vital force”, supporting and strengthening the body’s immunity against the actual flu virus - thereby making it more resilient to the virus strains for the current year. BaniFlu is safe for all ages (even during pregnancy and  breastfeeding) and is recommended to protect the whole family against the flu virus. BaniFlu should be used at the beginning of Winter and at the first signs of infection. Not only will it protect your system, but it will also shorten the duration of infection and reduce the risk of secondary infections!

  • Protect your immune system

A strong immune system is the first line of defense! Make sure that your immune system is strong and vibrant by eating healthy and keeping fit, while avoiding immune system killers like smoking, alcohol, too much sugar and over processed foods. Lots of raw veggies and fruit, freshly pressed juices and bowls of delicious soups will keep your immune system happy and strong!

Herbal remedies can also play a part in strengthening the immune system and Feelgood Health has two of the best! KiddieBoost for children and Immunity Plus for teens and adults contain especially selected herbs to boost the immune system and can also be used as a natural antibiotic alternative. Take a 10 – 14 day course at the beginning of winter and repeat if there is an active infection. Children, especially, will benefit from using KiddieBoost. Because children are confined to classrooms for much of the day, colds and flu’s are rife during the winter months. Younger children in crèches and day care are also prone to what is referred to as  ‘creche’ or ‘daycare syndrome’. Due to their developing immune systems, small children pick up infection after infection during winter – often developing secondary infections such as bronchitis and ear infection. KiddieBoost contains a combination of immune boosting herbs especially formulated for children. A 10 – 14 day course prior to winter is recommended, with booster courses every two to three months.

Herbal teas are also a great way to keep your immune system strong. Try sipping on a cup of delicious Yogi Organic Immune Support Tea which contains echinacea, elderberry, basil, ginger, cinnamon and cardomom. This is a soothing, warming and comforting tea to support the immune system.

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When the dreaded lurgy strikes!

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, infection can strike! But don’t despair! A bout of ‘flu can be bothersome to say the least, but it is also nature’s way of building and strengthening the immune system naturally! Our immune systems actually NEED a few challenges in order to become strong. The trick is to allow our bodies to recover naturally in the shortest time possible – without resorting to antibiotics and other mediations that may weaken the immune system and prevent it from doing its work the next time infection strikes! (thereby avoiding repeated infections!)

Luckily we have so many allies in nature! Here’s what Feelgood Health has for you. Make sure you keep the following remedies in the home medicine chest at all times and you will sail through winter!

  • Soothe sore throats

During the cold and flu season, our throats often become sore and scratchy, and we have difficulty swallowing. This can signal a bout of ‘flu on the way or even an infection like tonsillitis. Instead of antibiotics, painkillers or even worse a tonsillectomy, use Feelgood Health’s Throat & Tonsil Dr. This homeopathic formula is especially chosen for its ability to gently soothe the throat without any harsh side effects or risk of addiction – giving you fast relief as well as peace of mind. Use Throat & Tonsil Dr, and BaniFlu together at the first signs of a sore throat and in most cases symptoms will subside and a full blown infection will be prevented!

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  • Blocked noses, congestion, fatigue, aches and pains

These are typical symptoms of seasonal ‘flu and respond very well to a natural approach. Apart from rest and lots of liquids, here is what Feelgood Health recommends to treat the symptoms and support your body to a quick recovery

ADULTS: Use our homeopathic BaniFlu (to strengthen your natural resistance to the ‘flu virus and shorten recovery time) and Immunity Plus (as a natural herbal alternative to antibiotics and to prevent secondary infections)

For wet coughs and phlegm-clogged chests or even bronchitis – our homeopathic remedies Mucous-Clear Phlegm Away and Triple Complex BronchoSoothe will help to loosen lungs and provide relief without the side effects of conventional meds.

CHILDREN and BABIES: It can be very heartbreaking to see small babies and children struggle with the symptoms of colds and ‘flu. Added to that, many parents, quite rightly, do not want to start their children on antibiotics so early in life. Sniffly Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy especially formulated for babies and children to ease congestion and ‘flu symptoms naturally. It is safe for use even for newborn babies and very easy to administer. For many of our customers, Sniffly Sprinkles is the go to remedy for winter colds and ‘flu! Use together with KiddieBoost as a natural antibiotic alternative for children and BronchoSoothe if bronchitis has developed.  

Another great remedy is Congesto-K Kiddie Rub – made from pure essential oils. Many of us grew up with petroleum based chest rubs containing menthol to clear the airways. While they work well, who really wants to rub petrol on a child? Congesto-K Kiddie Rub can be rubbed onto the chest and back before bed or even added to the bath to soothe children and open up blocked airways to enable easy breathing.

Another must-have remedy to treat congestion is eucalyptus essential oil. Simply add a few drops of this oil to a burner to help easy breathing at night. A few drops of eucalyptus essential oil added to bath water also clears the chest and nose before bedtime. Try B.O.N. Pure Eucalyptus Oil for best quality, pure essential oil of eucalyptus without any additives or artificial fillers.

Other effective home remedies which also work like a charm to relieve sore throats are gargling with salt water, sucking on a piece of garlic or adding two to three teaspoons of honey to a cup of hot water or herbal tea. Honey contains antibacterial properties to reduce inflammation and swelling in the throat. It also works as a hypertonic osmotic which means that it helps to drain water from the affected and inflamed tissue, thereby reducing swelling and pain. However, honey must be raw, unprocessed and not heat treated to preserve its amazing medicinal properties, which unfortunately rules out most honey on supermarket shelves! Try Mac’s raw and unprocessed honey in Eucalyptus and Orange Blossom flavours available from the Feelgood Health shop at Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town.

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More tips to prevent colds and flu

Keep hands clean at all times
Clean hands resist germs. Always wash your hands with soap and dry them well. Remember to keep hands away from your face as germs will not attack you unless you place them on your face with your hands. Most flu germs enter our bodies when we touch our eyes and mouths, so avoid rubbing or touching your eyes and mouth with unwashed hands! Try carry a bottle of Absolute Organix WATERLESS Hand Sanitiser in your bag - a non-toxic disinfectant spray! 

Eat a healthy and well balanced diet

The right eating plan can greatly reduce the risk of colds and flu and also help us to stay in shape when we tend to overindulge. Pre-winter foods such as oranges, grapefruit and naartjies are packed with protective nutrients such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants to boost your immune system. Butternut is also a great source of zinc and the omega-3 fatty acids. Drink herbal tea such as Chamomile which contains strong antibacterial properties and is known as an amazing cold and flu fighter. Snack on plenty of fruits and vegetables and enjoy a bowl of good old-fashioned chicken soup!

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Exercise regularly
Research suggests that moderate daily exercise can help fend off the common cold. Regular, low impact exercise is key in helping the immune system to prepare for the hard knocks of winter! Work out for at least forty-five minutes, three times a week. Exercise is excellent for the immune system and helps to prevent infection.

Rest and sleep.
By now we all know that there’s nothing better than a good night’s rest to feel revitalized and fresh the next day! Get 8 hours sleep a night, and take short breaks during the day to rest your system and prevent colds and flu. Your immune system will love you for it!

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Be kind to your body this winter! Do yourself and your family a favor by preparing naturally to avoid the onset of nasty colds and flu – guaranteed, you won’t regret it!


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