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How exercise during pregnancy can make birth easier PLUS our TOP TIPS for safe home pregnancy exercising!

How exercise during pregnancy can make birth easier PLUS our TOP TIPS for safe home pregnancy exercising!

How exercise during pregnancy can make birth easier PLUS our TOP TIPS for safe home pregnancy exercising!

How exercise during pregnancy can make birth easier PLUS our TOP TIPS for safe home pregnancy exercising! 

One of the most frequently asked questions during pregnancy is whether or not it is safe to exercise whilst pregnant and if so, which exercises are safe to do? Generally, exercise is actually encouraged during pregnancy as long as your pregnancy is not high risk. Should your pregnancy be high risk, we recommend that you should rather consult your health care practitioner before attempting to work out!

Let’s take a look at how exercise during pregnancy can lead to an easier delivery AND pregnancy:

  1. You’re less likely to become unhealthily overweight
  • Picking up too much weight can lead to you having a very big baby therefore making it more likely that you’ll have a caesarean
  • Putting on too much weight during pregnancy can increase the risk of you developing diabetes in pregnancy
  • Too much unnecessary fat around your belly means that your doctor will have a harder time looking at your baby during ultrasounds and might miss an important diagnosis that might require treatment before birth
  • The higher your BMI, the greater your risk of delivering prematurely
  1. You will stay fit, even with the bump!
  • Stamina is an important part of the birthing process and regular exercise during pregnancy will increase your fitness levels to help prepare you for the big day!
  • You’re more likely to build a stronger endurance and tolerance for pain – like they say when working out, “no pain, no gain”!
  1. Your body’s ability to recover is greater, the fitter you are!
  • Exercising while pregnant will help your abdominal wall to repair itself more quickly than if you do not exercise whilst pregnant
  • You will increase your chances of having shorter first and second stages of labour
  • Your pelvic muscle tone will be good making it less likely that you’ll tear or need to have an episiotomy

Exercising whilst pregnant will also improve your muscle and skin tone and could even help reduce stretch marks (yes, I said it)!

Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet to give you the energy that you need when you exercise and don’t forget about those prenatal vitamins as they are important for your baby’s development as well as for your own health. At Feelgood Health, we recommend Solgar Prenatal Nutrients which contain a wide spectrum of daily vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Here are our BEST TIPS for safe home exercise during pregnancy:

  • There’s nothing like good music to listen to while exercising! Whether you’re up for bit of cardio or simply striking those Pilates or Yoga poses, choose music that you enjoy to go with the exercise. Feelgood Health’s Rocking Chair CD will get you AND baby ready for action! The best part is that your baby can hear the music too – and when you play this CD after your baby is born, it will be familiar and can help to soothe your little one!
  • Make sure that you’re dressed comfortably and wear loose-fitting clothes that you can breathe in
  • Your shoe size might have changed due to your feet swelling. If your shoes don’t fit, buy a new pair or even better…exercise bare foot!
  • Stay hydrated! Remember that a lot of your fluids go towards the amniotic fluid and you will lose some while working out. Make sure that your water ration isn’t left out!
  • Begin your workout by warming up first otherwise you could end up straining a muscle or ligament – leaving you in even more pain!
  • Always stop if something hurts. Listen to your body. Don’t overdo it. Remember that you’re doing this to love your body, not punish it.
  • Remember to cool down by stretching out your muscles while allowing your heart rate to slow down to avoid sore muscles (pregnancy comes with enough aches and pains as it is!)
  • End your workout off with a much-deserved warm bath and treat yourself by adding a cap full of Mellow Mama Bath Oil - turning your bath into a relaxing, therapeutic and pampering experience while facilitating a time of quietness, reflection and bonding with your little one
  • Make a commitment to exercise regularly and make it a habit!

Exercising during pregnancy lifts your spirits and helps to prepare your body for childbirth and postpartum recovery however always consult with your health practitioner first to find out which exercises are safe for you. Mostly importantly, you will learn more about your own body when exercising during pregnancy than ever before – love it, listen to it, embrace it!

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