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PureMother Essence - Flower & gem essence for the new mother

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The essence of encircling arms, joy, tranquility, inner strength & awesome wonder!

  • Promotes natural mothering instincts
  • Allays excessive anxiety about your new baby
  • Improves mood and prevents postpartum depression
  • Helps to discover your inner child and relate to the new baby
  • Encourages an inner sense of tranquility, confidence and calm

      Your brand new baby is here!

      This is what you have been waiting for for 9 months! Your brand new baby is in your arms!

      The period immediately following childbirth can be a whirlwind of emotions - from relief and complete exhaustion to nervousness, excitement, indescribable joy and contentment! For first-time mothers there are many unknowns and most women experience concern over their ability to be a good mother, and how they will relate to and care for their new child.

      In the first days and weeks after the birth there are many new things to get used to as your baby dictates your new priorities and a new routine. At times you may feel overwhelmed, tearful, trapped or excessively worried. Your hormones will be all over the place as your body adjusts to your sudden “non-pregnant” state and this can further affect your emotions, physical well-being and confidence.

      The natural way

      Motherhood is one of the most natural gifts to receive from the universe. Fore sure, it can be overwhelming at times, and you may fear that you the natural mothering instinct won’t come naturally to you, but these are normal fears to have (especially if it is your first child). The key is to trust yourself and your instincts. Mothering is a natural process that is learnt only by doing. Of course, you may sometimes need advice or a helping hand but remember that ultimately, you and your partner know your child the best. Encourage your partner to bond with the new baby by holding, feeding, changing or just watching him/her. Remember that this little life is 100% dependant on you for everything. Without you, your baby will not be able to survive, so you need to be strong for your little one. This also makes it very important for you to care and nurture yourself as well during these early years. Your baby depends on you to look after yourself as well! Establishing a routine early on will help you and your partner (as well as the new baby), feel more stable and contented. Include feeding times, nap times as well as periods during which you just relax, play and cuddle your little bundle of joy.

      How can PureMother Essence help?

      Flower and gem essences are classified as energy medicines and work by using the vibrational energy of the flowers or gems chosen to achieve upliftment and strength. The best known flower essences internationally are the Bach Flower Essences. 

      South Africa has a rich floral diversity, particularly in the Western Cape. The flower essences used in this remedy are made from indigenous South African flowers, wild harvested from the floral kingdom found on the slopes of Table Mountain. They are therefore pesticide and chemical free. 

      PureMother Essence has been formulated for you by a Clinical Psychologist and contains pure undiluted stock strength flower essences especially chosen to support newly birthed women. Our PureMother Essence is especially formulated for brand new mothers and contains only pure stock strength hand bottled undiluted flower and gem essences. Used directly after the birth, this parenting essence works on a deep emotional level to enhance your ability to receive your new child and to nurture and be nurtured. It is truly the essence of encircling arms, joy, tranquility, inner strength and awesome wonder!

      Like all flower essences, PureMother Essence works with the natural vibrational energies of the body at a deep emotional level to balance and protect against vulnerabilities often found in times of transition and change, while enhancing strengths. 


      PureMother Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower and gem essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

      • Keurtjie essence promotes your nurturing instincts and instills confidence in your parenting abilities. This flower essence has mood-enhancing properties which help to prevent post-natal depression. Keurtjie holds the properties of caring and protection, so necessary in forging the early bond with your child.
      • Zinnia flower essence brings out the child-like qualities of cheerfulness, humor, wonder and energy. This essence helps adults to relate more freely and easily to children and facilitates joy and laughter.
      • Petunia essence enhances inspiration and creativity, thereby allowing the realization of dreams. A sense of wonder and an inner optimism at the possibilities of the future are encouraged by this natural flower essence.
      • Clivia essence is most useful for mothers who are overly-anxious about their children or other loved ones. Irrational and unfounded worries about the safety and well-being of your children are common, but can be destructive and debilitating. This essence promotes a caring attitude with an inner strength, calmness and trust in the expectation of your family’s safety.
      • Comfrey essence is helpful for nervous conditions and will address irritability, stress, nervous habits and anxiety. This flower essence provides a sense of tranquillity and calm.
      • Oreganum essence instils grace and ease in ones own skin. Oreganum promotes the ability to be oneself with confidence.
      • Smoky Quartz essence removes negative energies and thoughts, softens mood and lifts depression. This gem essence is also an excellent sexual tonic.

      BabyNature flower and gem essence products are 100% natural liquid infusions which contain a selection of classic stock strength essences. In line with the classic method, all our flower and gem essences are infused in natural sunlight using pure spring water. They are hand-bottled and hand-labeled in a peaceful environment away from factory production lines so as not to interfere with the vibrational energies of the flowers or gems used.

      How has PureMother Essence helped others?

      'Being an “older” first-time mom I felt that I might have even more difficulty than other women in adjusting to my new baby and locating my mothering instincts. I decided to try your PureMother Essence. I must say that I felt like a complete “natural” despite never having had an affinity for other people’s children and am so grateful that caring for and loving my new baby girl came so easily and feels so “right”. Thank you for such a wonderful product!' - Margaret

      'Your Natural Flower Essence remedies helped me through the whole of my second pregnancy and I was eager to try your PureMother Essence once I finally had my bundle of joy in my arms. I used this remedy in my bath and took it in water for two weeks after I gave birth and it made such a difference! I felt deeply connected to my little one, Gareth, from the moment I heard his first cry and didn’t experience any of the tearfulness and vulnerability that was so prevalent after my first childbirth.' - Elaine

      How do I use PureMother Essence?

      With gem & flower essences, a little goes a long way!  

      PureMother Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of pure stock strength, hand-bottled flower and gem essences and should be taken after being diluted as below.

      Directions: Add 7 drops to approximately 1 litre of filtered or spring water and sip slowly during the day as needed. Alternatively, take 1 drop under the tongue as needed or add 7 drops to bath in the evening.

      Helpful questions & answers

      I have always needed my 8 hours of sleep every night. I am going to be a single parent and I don’t how on earth I am going to cope! Any suggestions?
      In the first few weeks of your baby’s life, sleepless nights will be the norm as your child wakes you often. This period will be challenging but should not last long. Take every opportunity to catch up on some sleep, especially when the baby naps. Don’t worry too much about household chores and other responsibilities during this time. Try to catch a few winks as soon as your baby is settled - this will be a life-saver! Our Sleepy Sprinkles will also help your new baby to settle into her new environment and establish a good sleep routine.

      What must I do when my baby cries? How will I know what he/she is crying for?
      Accept that all babies cry every day when they are newborn. As babies are completely helpless and unable to explain their needs to us, crying is their only way of communicating. As a new parent, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your baby is telling you — is he/she hungry, tired, cold, thirsty, uncomfortable or in need of affection?

      Not knowing why your baby is crying can make it more upsetting. You will, however, begin to recognize different patterns of crying very soon as you get to know your child, and will be able to anticipate his/her needs better. If baby has difficulty settling, he may have colic or may even be reacting to things in his environment that are causing him to feel insecure. 

      Is this remedy OK to use while breastfeeding? Won't it harm my baby?
      Flower and Gem Essences are classified as vibrational medicine and are manufactured in such a way that they do not carry any risks and can be safely used by all ages. They will also not interact with any other prescription or OTC medicine you may be taking.

      Also in the range:

      Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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      Really helpful

      Really helpful product in a time when things can be quite difficult. Found it helped balance and calm the rollercoaster of emotions of being a new mum, as well as enhanced the maternal love for my new baby