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How to improve your work performance and career

How to improve your work performance and career

Boost your work performance and kick start a successful career

1. Get a promotion 

We all start the year with the aim of doing our best work, but here are some recommended ways of making your boss sit up and take notice, and hopefully get you on the road to a promotion! Make sure you demonstrate good work ethic - knowing what your boss needs from you and delivering on time. Stay current in your area of work and read articles on what competitor companies are doing. Present yourself professionally and remember to speak up and let your manager know your goals for the year, make sure to also put forward positive suggestions in operations meetings. 

2. Improve performance 

Over the average work year, most people wish to improve their performance and reach new career milestones. An average employee starts the year with a new pep in his step… but ultimately, as soon as late January, he may tend to get weighed down with new responsibilities and added pressures. It is important to plot a definitive plan when it ones to improving work performance. Set small attainable goals for each week or month and even check in with a senior colleague to discuss progress. Setting smaller goals will help you avoid mid-year burnout and also give you incremental rewards as the year progresses - which goes a long way to keep up spirits!
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3. Boost brainpower, memory and concentration

This is the holy grail of mental prowess - concentration and memory! When you're in that meeting with the very important client, it really helps to remember their first names! Most of us will admit that our memory is not up to scratch or that we do have room for improvement. Unfortunately, ageing and stress can also cause memory issues. So what is the solution? Practice memory games, play cards with the family or do word puzzles in your spare time. The brain needs to be kept well-oiled and fascinatingly enough, pathways may lie dormant until you use them, so make haste and grab that quiz you have been putting off for a while. There are also many natural ingredients that have been proven to improve memory, take a look at our BrainShine remedy. Similarly, if you struggle with attention, you are not alone. Adult attention disorders such as ADHD are commonplace in the modern workplace. Being able to focus attention and concentrate is a huge asset in business - so take a look at our natural remedy, BrainShine which is super effective in focusing the brain on the task at hand without side effects. If you have trouble remaining focused - look at your diet, are you eating healthy foods? Cutting back on sugar and caffeine? Getting enough sleep? Exercising regularly? All these factors will help to keep you mentally sharp.
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4. Handle stress 

If there's one thing that can ruin a career faster than anything, it's stress. When under stress, the brain works double-time to try and keep up with incoming information as well as trying to calm the nervous system. This often means that 'wires' or rather pathways in the brain tend to disfunction, causing slip ups such as inverted numbers, spelling errors and so forth. In this way, stress often leads to forgetfulness and can cause major mistakes in the workplace. Unfortunately, there is also the type of stress that cannot be seen - underlying stress. This type of stress can also cause damage at work, because it often manifests in emotional outbursts or breakdowns. For that reason, an anti-stress remedy is recommended, something that you can take during the day in your water bottle - such as PureCalm herbal drops. Remember to take breaks during the day, to get fresh air - a recommended 10min break for every hour seated. Also, healthy food is a must - do not let your sugar levels drop as this can wreak havoc on concentration - so pack your desk will easy on-the-go snacks like cashew nuts and lean biltong for protein.
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5. Strengthen your immune system 

There's no point in improving your brain power if you land up taking too many absentee days! Remember that the Immune system is similar to a car engine - it needs certain things to 'run smoothly'. Make sure you get enough quality sleep, moderate exercise and follow a healthy eating plan. Do not skip any of the food groups unless you have an allergy or intolerance. Take a vitamin supplement if you are lactose or wheat intolerant. The sun is also important for a healthy immune system as it helps us to get Vitamin D, so try and get 5min of natural sunlight per day in off-peak hours (8am-10am or after 5pm). Walking to work from the train station or bus is a great way to get exercise and sunshine together.
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