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How parents can prepare and motivate kids for a successful and vibrant school year

Send your kids BACK TO SCHOOL stronger, brighter and happier than ever before!

How parents can prepare and motivate kids for a successful and vibrant school year

Going back to school in the new year is a time of transition, change (sometimes good, sometimes scary) and preparation. Your kids will be in a new class with new classmates, a new curriculum and whole new set of challenges! Some children are starting school for the very first time! It's normal for your child to feel overwhelmed or apprehensive about starting off the new school year, but there are certain ways that you, as a parent, can cushion the blow and motivate them.

Each child will deal with unique emotions surrounding going back to school - you need to find a method that will work for YOUR child. Below, we've highlighted some useful tips on how to make your kid's new year exciting, comfortable and successful!


Let's be honest - during the holidays, you find yourself being a lot more lenient with your child's sleep routine! It's important to remember that when they go back to school, you need to reinforce a healthy and consistent sleep routine at least a week BEFORE school opens again, as it takes time for their bodies to fall back into old habits and for their body clock to readjust. Some children remain difficult to put to sleep and become agitated, anxious or restless at bedtime.

To address these problems, DuDu Drops is a 100% homeopathic remedy for
babies and children over 12 months old - to calm and relax young children and induce a state of drowsiness, safely and naturally! DuDu Drops can help to break poor and irregular sleep patterns and restore peace to your home!

Another tip is to use a flame free aromatherapy diffuser and a specially chosen
aromatherapy oil like Lavender Essential Oil in the room at night. This will relax children naturally and create a peaceful environment for sleep.


Diet plays a big role in mental and physical health. As they say, you are what you eat! Start weaning your child off the holiday treats and replace them with a balanced, nutritional and healthy eating plan! Their brain function will surely improve, as well as other crucial body functions that will help them achieve success and happiness at school!

To make sure that picky eaters get all the nutrition they need, you can also add a daily multivitamin for children to keep their bodies and their brains healthy and strong!


If your child tends to be impulsive, restless, fidgety or disruptive, they may be showing symptoms of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Children with these problems have difficulty in completing school work and due to behavioural problems like hyperactivity and impulsivity, are often in trouble with parents and teachers. If not managed correctly, this often leads to low self-esteem and other behavioural problems later in the teenage years. Without turning to addictive and psychiatric drugs that actually do more harm than good, there are various things that you can do to help a hyperactive child.

  • Diet (avoid sugar laden foods, drinks & snacks, artificial colours like tartrazine, flavors like MSG & preservatives and follow a healthy diet with as little processed food as possible)
  • TV & electronic devices - restrict to an hour a day
  • Regular play time outdoors
  • Good sleep routine
  • Homework & study space should be quiet with minimum distractions
  • Consistent discipline
  • Natural remedies for hyperactivity and ADHD 

BrightSpark is a natural ADHD remedy for hyperactivity & behavioural problems in children that is safe and non-addictive! It improves your child's ability to concentrate and be more co-operative. It is highly recommended along with Focus Formula - a herbal remedy and brain tonic for ADHD, formulated to assist with brain health, concentration and mental clarity!


If you're a parent to a shy or anxious child, they will inevitably be nervous about returning to school. Thoughts of whether they will be accepted by their new classmates and if they will be able to handle new school material may cloud their mind and demotivate them. You can encourage them and motivate them into a positive mindset by guiding them into making it a year that they're in control of and looking forward to! Ask them what extramural activities THEY want to do. Get them involved in activities where they will thrive and be able to interact with children that hold the same interests. You can also make it exciting by taking them shopping for school supplies and letting them pick out their own backpack, stationary and books!

K-OK KiddieCalmer is a 100% homeopathic formula for shy children or those with anxiety, nervousness or separation issues. It effectively helps children who tend to worry about many things and have phobias. K-OK KiddieCalmer will safely and effectively help them transition into the new year with confidence and a calm mindset! For children with anxiety or depression or those with Autism or Spectrum Disorders, K-OK KiddieCalmer may be safely combined with Mindsoothe Jr.


It's no secret that schools make for an ideal playground for bacteria and viruses! Ensure that they go back to school with a boosted immune system to help ward off cross-contamination from their classmates. Avoid inevitable sick days where they'll fall behind in workload and new subjects, which can set them back and create more stress and anxiety around projects and tests. Along with natural and safe immune boosters, focus on a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and staying active!

KiddieBoost is a 100% safe and natural formula, containing carefully selected herbal ingredients known for their tonic and strengthening effect on the immune system. Use KiddieBoost as a preventative before and after flu season and to assist with recuperation after illness to get your child's health back up to par!


Instead of allowing your kids to play PlayStation games or watch TV for hours on end during the holiday, keep their brain active! Spending hours on mindless activities dulls their brain functioning and they may struggle to reignite 'brain sparks' when it comes time to go back to school. Encourage them to play outside, do fun crosswords and read exciting books. Arrange as many play dates as you can during the holidays to keep them engaged in social activities and interacting with kids their age!

Triple Complex Brain Tonic is a natural brain tonic for kids and students that helps the brain deal with stress, concentration and memory. It improves nutrition & oxygen flow to the brain, resulting in a high functioning brain! Triple Complex Brain Tonic can be used as a daily supplement or during times of exams and stress.

Feelgood Health is passionate about enhancing the lives of children and creating a generation of strong, healthy, happy and successful kids! Wishing all parents and students a flourishing new school year.

If you have any queries, please contact us for FREE advice.

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