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The Ultimate List of Weight Loss Tips by Jillian Michaels

The Ultimate List of Weight Loss Tips by Jillian Michaels

Always wanted a personal trainer? Now's your chance to get great tips an advice as we count down Jillian Michaels' top tips to lose that 'muffin top' on top of your jeans!

PLUS: a FREE recipe for a delicious metabolism-boosting tea from Dr OZ!


1. Contrary to what people say, stomach crunches do not make a flat stomach. Jillian suggests rather using the whole body to burn calories and strengthen the core. A belly bulge is about excess body fat, not lack of muscle, so cut back on calories and enjoy full body workouts.

2. To build core muscles that will flatten the stomach, try The Plank. Lay on your stomach and then elevate onto your elbows and the bottom of your forearms lifting your whole body and resting your weight on the toes only. Your body should form a fluid straight line with your head facing towards the floor. Aim to hold this position for 60 seconds. If you start to shake, Jillian says it's working!

3. Berries for belly-fat burning. Throw away all processed foods - Jillian says that the hidden sodium, preservatives and sugars will all add to your stomach looking bloated. Reach for berries as they are a natural fat-
burning food!

4. No more happy hour. Unfortunately when it comes to weight-loss, alcohol is the enemy. Jillian points out that men with a 'beer belly' are seeing the results of excess estrogen, which causes the body to hold onto weight. Excess estrogen causes fat and inhibits muscle growth, so say no to the cocktails and tequila!

5. Jillian says it's best to decrease your sodium intake to 1,500 mg a day and increase your water consumption. Read food labels carefully and look out for hidden salt in sauces!

6. Rather refreshingly, Jillian says be an 80/20 eater. This means making 80 percent of your daily food intake healthy and the other 20 percent 'fun'. Jillian points out that food plans that are too rigid will never stand the test of time and will make you nuts!

7. It's all about the right language: use phrases like "I won't have that biscuit" rather than: "I can't have that biscuit." Jillian believes the language we use has a deep psychological impact. Make it a choice and not a jail sentence! This will make you feel less trapped into your circumstances and more empowered!

8. Sleep affects the hormones that control how you burn fat, how you store fat, and how you're maintaining muscle. It is very important that you get 8 hours of sleep per night to maximise your weight loss efforts!

9. Diversify your gym routine. Switch things up to keep the fat burning: when you use multiple muscle groups at once (weights for example), you get the cardio in while strength training and that means major calorie burning!

10. When in a restaurant, Jillian says: order without looking at the menu. Most places have the basics: veggies, grain and protein. If you go in knowing that you want the grilled chicken salad, don't tempt fate by browsing all the options. If you have trouble standing up for yourself, tell a small white lie e.g. "I'm lactose intolerant, so please hold the cream."

11. Jillian says eat citrus every day. Vitamin C inhibits cortisol - the hormone that tells your body to store fat. Start every day with a slice of grapefruit!

12. Lean protein is the way to go - choose lean turkey meat and chicken as they have amino acids - the building blocks for muscle!

13. Did you know that drinking water and staying hydrated can boost your metabolism an extra 3 percent!? Jillian says urine should be transparent and 8 glasses of water a day should do the trick!

14. Jillian says yes to dark chocolate! In moderation, it has antioxidants with many benefits. So make sure your 20% of fun calories come from a square of dark chocolate.

15. Stand when you can - it burns 1.5 times more calories! While waiting for the kids at school, get out the car and stand. At a clients waiting room, stand instead of sitting and reading that magazine.

16. Organize: Jillian says the best bet is to put all healthy foods on display: fruit bowl on the counter, healthy foods at eye level in the fridge and healthiest snacks in the front of the cupboard. This makes them ready to grab!

17. Jillian says being smart with daily choices is what it's all about: never buy more 'fun' food than you are going to have in a day. Buy a one packet serving of fat-free yoghurt chews. This means you cannot eat more than your allotted daily intake.

18. Fill up on a healthy snack before parties. Jillian says if you arrive starving you're defeated already. Take a healthy snack too for the hostess to put out, that way you are also covered for something to snack on!

19. Keep office snacks at the ready! Small portions of nuts, yoghurt in the fridge and oatmeal snacks to mix with water are good ideas!

20. Jillian says it's important not to freak out on 'fat days'. If you feel squishy and bloated, it's okay. Remember that many fluctuations happen in the body. Make sure that one 'off day' doesn't give you an excuse for an off week! Keep incentivised and make sure that even on your 'fat day' that you keep the resolve to keep going.


Everyone is buzzing about the following green tea recipe from Dr Oz that is completely natural, to help boost your metabolism and help you to naturally lose weight!
You will need:

  • 8 cups brewed green tea
  • 1 tangerine
  • Mint leaves – just a small handful

Just mix the ingredients together and keep in the refrigerator until use, perfect for summer time refreshment!

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!

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