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Tips on how to avoid your pet overheating in warm, summer months

Keeping your pet cool during summer: Dos and don'ts!

Tips on how to avoid your pet overheating in warm, summer months

The summer heat is fun, but it can also be dangerous for pets who can't cool down enough on their own. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, horse or hamster, it's important to know that hot, summer months can take a toll on pets! While us humans can jump in a pool, drink ice water or fan ourselves off when we feel overheated, animals can't - therefore they rely on us to help regulate their body temperature to prevent heat exhaustion!

Here are important guidelines to follow, to ensure your pet is healthy, safe and comfortable during the hot, summer months.


If you have an outdoor pet, it's super important that they have access to shady areas. Imagine spending the entire day exposed to direct sunlight! If your garden doesn't have any shady areas, bring your pet indoors as often as you can, or provide them with a kennel. It's also important to make sure your pet's enclosure is out of direct sunlight and protected from the sun. If you're feeling warm, chances are they are too. Small pets, such as pugs, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, are particularly susceptible to heat! If they have a cage, draping a cool, wet towel over the cage can help them cool down!

Drinking water

This one is critical! Your pet will feel more thirsty than usual on hot days. Leave enough water for them to have at all times! If temperatures sky rocket, you can add a couple of ice cubes into their water bowl for an extra cool boost! Be sure to provide numerous sources of water in case one spills, and never leave their water standing in direct sunlight.

Tip: When going on outings in summer, make sure to always bring a water bowl for your pet! Check out this awesome collapsible travel bowl for walks, camping or traveling.

Paws and snouts

Paws and snouts often take a knock during summer. Walking your dog when the ground is too hot can cause great, painful damage to their precious paws, so try take them for walks in the cool early mornings or evenings. If you're unsure whether its too hot for them, press your hand to the pavement - if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dogs paws! Another concern is your dog or cat's nose. They can easily become sunburnt, so make sure they're protected from the sun's harmful UV rays at all times! Remember, they're at risk of skin cancer, too!

Tip: keep their paws protected and moisturised with this natural Hemp Nose & Paw Balm


You know how those hot, summer days make you want to dive into a cool swimming pool? Well, animals feel the same way! Place a shell pool in the shade of your garden and fill it with water for your pet to splash around in. You can also take them down to the beach or river to let them have a refreshing paddle. Fun will be had by everyone! 

Ticks and fleas

The summer months are a prime time for fleas and ticks! Once those little parasites start making themselves comfortable on your pets and in your home, it's not only bothersome for the fur babies, but for the entire family! The common method to get rid of fleas and ticks is to buy synthetic topical flea and tick treatments. While these products do successfully control the flea and tick problem, they also contain harmful chemicals which may not be best for your pet's, or your family's health. Make sure you take precautionary measures to avoid infestations, and if these pests start making a nuisance of themselves, know that there are various natural, healthy methods of flea and tick treatments.

Tip: Use a natural flea and tick spray directly on your pet and in kennels, on blankets and carpets! For natural flea control, without the harmful chemicals, see Devoted By Nature's Flea Spray and Flea Wash


Many pet owners think they're helping their dog or cat by shaving their fur during summer. However, double coats are naturally designed to keep our fur babies' body temperatures regulated! Dogs and cats naturally shed their coats during summer which allows their skin to remain cool. Often, when animals are shaved, their coats grow back to make them even hotter, and usually grown back to be more thick and coarse. Not only do their coats help keep them cool, their coats also help prevent sunburn!


It's worrying that experts and animal specialists have to continuously remind pet owners of this exceptionally important point; never ever leave your pet in the car - even if the windows are left open! It takes only a few short minutes for an animal to overheat and suffer to the point of death. 

If you have any questions, please contact our team or leave a comment below for FREE pet health advice. We always love hearing from you!

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