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Immunity tips for dogs & cats in winter

Winter immunity for your pets!

Take a Holistic Approach to Pet Health this winter! (Plus FOUR great discounts!)

Winter is on its way! The cold weather can be hard on pets, just like it can be hard on people. Our animals need immune support as much as we do – whatever the weather!

The immune system of a dog or a cat is as complex as the immune system of a human. Your pet’s immune system has a very important goal: to keep the body safe and healthy from infection and disease and to recover quickly after illness. When an animal’s immune system is rundown, he or she is open to disease.

What causes the immune system to be rundown?

There are a number of ways your dog or cat’s immune system may become run down or suppressed. Many illnesses, particularly those caused by viruses, can attack and invade the cells of the immune system, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Poor nutrition, stress, neglect or abuse, or even environmental pollutants, can affect the ability of the immune system to respond, making your animal more susceptible to disease. Overuse or long-term use of medications such as antibiotics and corticosteroids are often used to treat infections or diseases but can also suppress the immune system – causing it to become weak and unable to function as it should.

Can dogs and cats get colds and how are they treated?

While our pets cannot be infected with the exact same viruses that attach to humans, they can develop respiratory, digestive tract and urinary tract viruses just like we do. Some of these viruses may be more prominent in winter, especially those that attack the respiratory tract.

Some common dog and cat viruses are:

  • Cat ‘flu or ‘Snuffles’
  • Herpes/Calicivirus in cats (FCV)
  • Kennel cough
  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Asthma

 In cats, the most common "cold" is viral (herpes/calici virus) while the most common "cold" that dogs get is a combination.

 How to boost your pet’s health this winter

It is very important that you maintain a healthy and balanced immune system for your dog or cat. Here are our best tips!

  • Feed them a healthy and well balanced diet

Keep your pet’s immune system healthy by feeding a diet which contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Include fresh or raw meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs to ensure that your pet’s diet is well balanced. Visit the Feelgood Health Shop in Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town for all-natural raw or cooked foods for your pooch or kitty – choose from DoggoBone Raw Active Food for dogs or Vondi’s Cooked Food for dogs or cats. Add supplements such as Vondi’s Multivitamin Food Supplement, Spirulina Sprinkles and Diatomaceous Earth to boost their immunity – simply sprinkle over their food daily!  

  • Regular exercise

Exercise has some amazing benefits for your pet’s immune system and overall health (and yours too, of course!). Take your dog for long walks, runs, swims or play frisbee to keep them active and in shape. Cats need exercise too, so get kitty moving by playing games or using a scratching post to get them to jump, climb and stay active.

  • Reduce stress

Stress has a negative impact on the immune system because over time it affects your pet’s health. If you have an anxious or stressed dog or cat, try to maintain a calm and relaxed environment to keep them stress-free. Massages are also very good for your pet’s emotional health and will therefore benefit their immune health. Keep a bottle of PetCalm from the Feelgood Pets range on hand to relieve anxiety, hyperactivity and stress in pets – this is a must have remedy for any home with pets! 

  • Use natural immune-boosters and winter remedies for pets

Natural immune boosters and natural remedies for dogs and cats can be much safer and gentler on your pet’s system than their pharmaceutical alternatives – and often just as effective! Not only are there fewer side effects but your dog or cat will improve and go from strength to strength!

Here are some suggestions for natural winter health:

Feelgood Pets Immunity & Liver Support: An all-natural herbal remedy that strengthens the immune system and supports liver health. Use regularly as a general tonic to protect against infection and also as a natural antibiotic alternative when pets are ill.

Immunity and Liver Support capsules are also very effective during convalescence and shorten the recovery phase after illness, trauma or surgery and are easy to administer to dogs and cats. 

FeliSafe: A homeopathic remedy to treat most major ‘cat ‘flu’ virus strains. FeliSafe contains selected homeopathic ingredients to assist with respiratory as well as digestive symptoms – as well as a homeopathic version of the veterinary cat ‘flu vaccinations. It may be used preventatively as well as during active infection to support recovery. Use FeliSafe along with Immunity & Liver Support to reduce symptoms and boost the immune system naturally.

KC Defense: Kennel cough is common in the winter months and we hate to see our pets coughing and feeling under the weather. KC Defense will help to stop the coughing and reduce symptoms while Immunity & Liver Support helps to strengthen immunity and speed recovery.

These remedies and pet health products are available from the Feelgood Health Shop in Westlake, Cape Town, and may also be ordered online from the Feelgood Pets website (we deliver to your door all over South Africa) Why not be prepared and stock up now for winter?

Remember, the key to a healthy dog or cat is to keep their immune system in tip top working condition so that they can fight infection and disease when it strikes!

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Feelgood Health Team - February 11, 2019

Hi Michele

Thanks for your query!

Most people order these products online from our website. We deliver throughout South Africa, with free shipping options. If you’re in the Cape Town area, we’ve got a physical shop located at Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town.

Please never hesitate to contact us for any other query!

Warmest regards
Feelgood Health team

Michele - February 11, 2019

Hi – where can I buy these products?

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