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Diabetonic Pets - Natural blood sugar & insulin balance in dogs and cats

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Blood sugar & insulin tonic for dogs and cats with diabetes 

  • Great supplement for dogs and cats with Diabetes
  • Pancreatic tonic
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar & insulin levels
  • Contains a proprietary blend of tissue salts for pet diabetes
  • Safe for all ages and during pregnancy or nursing

What are tissue salts?

Tissue salts are are specially prepared micro-doses of the body’s 12 essential minerals. They are very effective and have a high safety profile, making them safe to use on animals as well as people. 

These micro-minerals are important to:

  • assist the body with the optimal functioning of living cells
  • prevent deficiency and maintain cellular balance
  • optimise absorption of nutrients from the diet
  • assist in cell regeneration and replacement
  • help avoid common ailments or illness that may result from an imbalance in cells

Tissue Salts are natural, suitable for the whole family and may be taken alongside other medications and dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. Particular tissue salts are associated with certain organs in the body or with different aspects of systemic functioning. Practitioners will therefore recommend a combination of one or more tissue salts, depending on the problems that need treatment.

Diabetonic Pets 

Following on the success of ourhuman remedy, Triple Complex Diabetonic, we formulated Diabetonic Pets, a tissue salt remedy to use as a health supplement for dogs and cats with diabetes and blood sugar problems.  Diabetonic Pets is safe to use along with prescription meds (including insulin) as well as natural medicines. 


Diabetonic Pets contains the following selected biochemic tissue salts:

  • Kali sulph (D6), also called Kalium sulphate - a biochemic tissue salt that assists with metabolism and cellular oxygenation, thereby supporting the health of all cells. Another function of Kali sulph is as a system cleanser. Kali sulph also benefits the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Nat sulph (D6), also called Natrium sulphate - a biochemic tissue salt involved in maintaining efficient distribution of oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body – supporting optimum performance to assist with the functioning of the immune system. As it supports the transportation of oxygen to the skin and glands, it also promotes circulation. Kali sulph is especially present in the cells forming the mucus lining of all bodily organs, including the pancreas and stomach.
  • Calc phos (D6), also called Calcium phosphate - a biochemic tissue salt and a major mineral component of every structure in the body, except connective tissue. It is a vital component of the body’s nutrition process from digestion, through to assimilation, cell growth and energy expenditure. Calcium phosphate is present in the process of building new blood cells, therefore helping the body to put into practice the necessary functions to keep blood circulation flowing, keeping the body warm. This tissue salt is also present in all body fluids.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

How has Diabetonic Pets helped others?

'Our old cat has been with the family for many years and she became very ill and developed diabetes. With the help of our vet we have managed to keep her off insulin. I cannot say enough about how grateful our whole family is' - Greta

'I am a great fan of your remedies for people and I was very happy when this product came out for my cat with diabetes. She still needs insulin but the dosage has been reduced by our vet and you can definitely see the difference in her health and energy levels' - Sophia

'When our Chocolate lab began panting all the time and drinking buckets of water, our vet diagnosed early diabetes. You can imagine our shock - I had not even realised animals could get this illness! We have used your Diabetonic Pets remedy and changed her diet and it has made a lot of difference. I can recommend this remedy!' - Pete

How do I use Diabetonic Pets?

Diabetonic Pets can be used as part of a veterinary treatment program for diabetes in dogs and cats. It may be used on its own or along with insulin, depending on the advice of your vet. .

Instructions for use

Tablets may be taken whole (they are very small and easily swallowed) or crushed and sprinkled on food. 

Cats and small dogs: As a regular supplement, take one tablet twice daily

Medium to large dogs:: Two tablets 2 - 3 times daily  

    Feelgood Tips

    • Feed your dog or cat at regular times with small healthy snacks in between meals
    • Do not feed unhealthy or human treats to your pets, no matter how soulful their eyes!
    • Speak to your vet about a diabetes friendly diet
    • Daily exercise is key to a well-functioning system

    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Elsabe van Niekerk
    Diabetonic for pets

    My little rescue dachshund was diagnosed with diabetes. After cataracs were removed from both eyes, I realized that little one will need extra special care to keep him a happy boy. I started giving him Diabetonic once a day. His sugar levels are stable and I have one very happy Daxie chappy. Thank you, Feelgood Health for adding energy and life to Wiekie`s life.