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Menopause Combo Pack: Don Quai + MellowPause (Save 10%)

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Save 10% on natural remedies for female menopausal & reproductive health 

  • Don Quai balances hormones and acts as a general tonic for the female reproductive system
  • MellowPause reduces hot flashes, moodiness & insomnia linked to the menopause 

      All about hormonal balance

      Hormones play a vital role in every woman's health and well-being. Every month, the female hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced. The ratio between these two hormones, as well as the quantities produced by the body, can vary throughout the menstrual cycle... as well as during perimenopause and menopause. This is perfectly normal, and will result in various changes in mood, skin and hair growth, as well as in menstruation itself.

      One of the major hormones affecting the brain, the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, alters the functioning of the hypothalamus - which in turn affects the pituitary gland, which then affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Women of all ages may experience hormonal changes, often with symptoms becoming evident in their late twenties through their forties. Many women also experience symptoms of hormonal change during their premenstrual cycle and during the menopause.

      Don Quai and MellowPause are two natural remedies with a great affinity for the female reproductive system, helping to balance hormonal levels and reduce the symptoms of fluctuating hormones, especially during the menopause. Because these two remedies are often used together with great benefit during the menopause, we are offering you a 10% discount when you buy them together!

      How have Don Quai & MellowPause helped others?

      "I have been taking your recommended herbs, Dong Quai, MellowPause and Femalite for a couple of months. I do have to tell you that all of my symptoms have totally disappeared. I probably started your course about last week of May. My sister is actually a Homeopath practicing in London and I will be visiting her in September and I can't wait to share my news with her! Thank you." - Clare L.

      "I used to wake up at night absolutely drenched in sweat! I've been taking Dong Quai and MellowPause for about two months now and I can really see the difference. I am not sweating at night anymore and I feel much calmer." - Molly

      My hot flushes were so bad that I avoided speaking to anyone at work and I did not dare even drink a glass of wine! I just felt like a walking pressure cooker :-( With Mellowpause and Don Quai my hot flushes have practically disappeared and when I do have one then I am the only one who notices (believe me EVERYONE noticed before because I literally turned into a sweating beetroot!). I can't thank you enough!' - Deidre

        Note: Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

          Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 6 reviews
          Adriaan Theron
          Best products combo ever....

          Did buy this combo for my mom and she is using Dong Quai + MellowPause and Femalite and she starting to feel a big difference,her hot flushes has reduced tramatically, joint pain,headaches as well. Even her mood has improved more positive,she is more happier if I can be honest. If she miss a day taking the herbs I can see the difference in here body. I would definitely recommend this combo to anybody entering menopause stage ,my mom is currently 61years old entering menopause it was extremely difficult for her and an buying this amazing for products for sure. Thank you to Feel good Health. Rating 5* as this is the max level

          Thanaa Robertson
          Combating menopause symptoms

          It's is my second month using Dong Quai + MellowPause and Femalite and am starting to feel a big difference,the hot flushes has reduced tramatically, joint pain,headaches as well. Even my mood has improved more positive,happier if I be honest. If I miss a day taking the herbs I can feel my body talking to me. I would definitely recommend this combo to anybody entering menopause stage ,being a 45 old entering menopause it was extremely difficult for me emotionally and physically but this combo has helped me this far and am staying on it for sure. Thank you to Feel good Health

          Made my period managable

          I've had very bad periods since i started menstruating, where i could barely walk the first 2-3 days because of bad cramps and heavy clotted flow. I was looking for a remedy to ease hot flushes so i bought this combo, which has helped and mostly eased my periods so well, i hardly pms and my hormones are balanced. I'm very happy with feelgood products. 😊


          I visited South Africa in 202l8. Forgot my estrogen patch. Hot flashes came back with a vengeance which impaired my sleep and energy. Found Feel Good Health and ordered this combo formulary for menopause. Within 3 to 4 weeks the all symptoms were gone. God bless your company.

          This combo packs a punch

          This combo is seeing me through menopause. I feel it when I sometimes forget to take take it. It has hot flushes completely under control and hormones balanced. Initially I picked up quite a bit of weight but once I got everything back in balance with this combo, my weight has returned to normal. Most people think I'm kidding when I say I am in menopause as they don't see me having any symptoms.

          Acknelar Chimhanda
          Don Quai & Mellowpause Combo

          I was menopausal from the age of 49. I am now 51 years old. The hot flushes and the night sweats were so bad, i did not know how to deal with it, i would sweat so much my face would drip with the sweat, this caused me so much embarrassment. I saw the combo of Don Quai and Mellowpause on feelgood health and decided to try it. Within a period of 3 months of taking the drops, there was a significant improvement, the night sweats stopped and i hardly have hot flushes. I have recommended the product to my friend who has also started taking it and she is very happy with the results. Thank you Feelgood health for giving me back my confidence!!