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MindStill Flower Essence - For a centred, blissful second trimester

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Natural Flower Essence for a Happy & Centered Second Trimester

  • Stills your mind to find your spiritual centre
  • Creates inner space for facilitation of the life force, dreaming and female wisdom
  • Frees the inner child & encourages laughter to experience the joy of playfulness
  • Enables a feeling of security and freedom 

      Take a pregnant pause

      Now that the early and unsettled days of the first trimester have passed and your pregnancy is well-established, it is time for you to look after your own physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual balance.

      The second trimester is often described as the best time of pregnancy. Many women in their second trimester feel fit and full of energy. This is the period when your hair shines and your skin glows and you can show off your bump with pride! Your baby is growing within you and you will feel the first signs of life. Now it is important to nurture and care for yourself andalso to prepare for the last stage of pregnancy. Take advantage of this time – schedule a private photo shoot to document and capture this wonderful period, or have fun choosing new outfits for your changing shape. Remember to spoil yourself and have fun!

      How can MindStill Flower Essence help in the Second Trimester?

      Flower and gem essences are classified as energy medicines and work by using the vibrational energy of the flowers or gems chosen to achieve upliftment and strength. The best known flower essences internationally are the Bach Flower Essences. 

      South Africa has a rich floral diversity, particularly in the Western Cape. The flower essences used in this remedy are made from indigenous South African flowers, wild harvested from the floral kingdom found on the slopes of Table Mountain. They are therefore pesticide and chemical free. 

      MindStill Essence has been formulated for you by a Clinical Psychologist and contains pure undiluted stock strength flower essences especially chosen to support women in the second trimester. This combination essence helps to still the mind and find one's inner center, creating inner space for the facilitation of the life force, dreaming and female wisdom, thereby harnessing the procreative force. At the same time it frees the inner child to laugh and experience joy and playfulness, enabling a feeling of security and freedom.

      MindStill Flower Essence is formulated to the highest therapeutic standards in consultation with our clinical psychologist and experts in the field of flower essences, using ingredients specially chosen for their safety and effectiveness.

      Like all flower essences, MindStill Essence works with the natural vibrational energies of the body at a deep emotional level to balance and protect against vulnerabilities often found in times of transition and change, while enhancing strengths. The ingredients in MindStill Essence work together to promote emotional balance and creativity during the second trimester of pregnancy.


      MindStill Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

      • Pink Watsonia essence brings quietness and clarity to the mind and is most useful when feeling torn in several directions or feeling pressure from the opinions of others. Pink Watsonia will help the individual to find their own true centre and fulfilment.
      • Pomegranate essence is wonderful for helping attain a balance between your roles in the home and at work as well as your need for personal fulfilment. This essence will allow your creativity to be freed and acts as a general tonic for pregnancy. Pomegranate also helps to resolve sexual difficulties.
      • Zinnia essence frees the inner child and brings laughter, wonder in one's surroundings as well as carefreeness. It facilitates play and joyfulness and is particularly useful for helping adults to relate to children (and to their own 'inner child!')
      • Cape Almond helps to ground the individual and is useful in the search for one's spiritual centre and inner personal strength. This essence soothes fear of the unknown as well as anxieties and insecurities about one's own ability to succeed.
      • Arum Lily essence helps to address imbalance in yin/yang energy and thereby strengthens self-knowledge and a sense of personal empowerment. This flower essence also brings resolution to personal conflict as well as a soothing of conflict within relationships.
      • Corn essence links the spiritual world with the earth and will be helpful in keeping one grounded while at the same time allowing spiritual growth. This essence will bring inner strength, space and peace, especially in individuals who are experiencing stress and difficulties associated with a lack of personal space.
      • Yarrow strengthens the aura and protects it from negativity and disruption. Yarrow flower essence also brings light into the chakras.

      BabyNature flower & gem essences are a 100% natural liquid infusion which contains a selection of classic stock strength essences. In line with the classic method, all our flower and gem essences are infused in natural sunlight using pure spring water. They are hand-bottled and hand-labeled in a peaceful environment away from factory production lines so as not to interfere with the vibrational energies of the flowers or gems used.

      How has MindStill Essence helped others?

      'I ordered MindStill Essence in plenty of time for this second stage of my journey and was ... impressed and grateful .... I felt calm, optimistic and sure of myself even when my mother-in-law started telling me how to run my life! It is safe to say that I have experienced the most radiant time of my life in the last several weeks; both physically and emotionally.' - Catherine

      'Thank you for your wonderful MindStill Essence! As this is my first pregnancy, the concept of motherhood and having a child of my own is completely new to me. I have been feeling completely daunted and my mind was constantly racing about things I needed to do, people I needed to call and errands I had to run. After starting your MindStill Essence I felt as though things became clearer and my priorities shifted. I realized that now is a time to look after myself and be looked after by those who love me. Sure, there is plenty to do in preparation for a new baby but there is also plenty of time, and my own health and the well-being of the little one are more important than choosing the perfect color for the nursery walls!' - Sharon

      'My pregnancy was not planned and so the first few months were quite stressful especially in my traditional family set up. By the end of the third month, I felt I just needed to take a deep breath and let it all go - which is just what it felt like when I started using MindStill Essence. Weird as it may seem, my family appeared to relax along with me (though nobody else knew I was using MindStill!) and everything just felt lighter' - Shamilla

      How do I use MindStill Essence?

      With gem & flower essences, a little goes a long way!  

      MindStill Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of pure stock strength, hand-bottled flower and gem essences and should be taken after being diluted as below.

      Directions: Add 7 drops to approximately 1 litre of filtered or spring water and sip slowly during the day as needed. Alternatively, take 1 drop under the tongue as needed or add 7 drops to bath in the evening.

      Helpful questions & answers

      I don’t want to take anything that could in any way harm the growth and development of my unborn baby. Is this remedy completely safe to take during pregnancy?
      Yes, it certainly is! We have formulated all our Flower Essence remedies for safe and effective use in pregnant women and they will not pose any risk at all to your pregnancy and unborn child- unlike prescription drugs. 

      I’m having difficulty juggling my role as a wife, my work and the demands of people around me already and don’t see how I am ever going to manage when I become a mum as well. Will this remedy help me to cope?
      MindStill Essence will help you to find balance in your life but will also bring your roles and priorities into perspective. No woman can do it all and sometimes by trying to achieve the impossible we don’t succeed at anything! By using this natural flower essence remedy and searching deep into your soul for what is really most important to you right now, you will find clarity in your life and a renewed sense of purpose.

      I am suffering with anxiety now more than ever before, especially after discontinuing my prescription drugs when I became pregnant. Will my anxiety affect the baby?
      Anxiety can affect the health of both you and your unborn child via the excessive production of stress-related hormones. Although it is always easier to say “Relax” than to do it, our MindStill Essence will help to soothe your anxiety and bring a sense of peace and stillness to your heart. Our Rocking Chair CD is another useful tool in achieving a quiet mind during times of relaxation or meditation - for the sake of you and your baby.

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      Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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