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Organic herbal teas can improve your health in many ways!

How to make herbal teas improve your body and mental health

How herbal teas may improve your mind and body health!

Drinking tea dates back thousands of years to the 16th century in China. Tea was used in ritual offerings (gifts) because of its powerful medicinal and healing properties. It was also served in Buddhist Monasteries as an aid to help Monks with long meditation sessions because of the caffeine presence in it. Over the years, the quality and production methods of tea cultivation has changed dramatically, with additives and other harmful ingredients often creeping into health teas – the last thing you want! When drinking tea for health and therapeutic benefits, it is always advisable to choose organic – to make sure that you are drinking pure, health-giving tea with no added pesticides, etc!

Organic VS Conventional Tea

Big tea brands often grow their tea in soils that are ridden with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. These sought after tea brands do not wash the leaves of the tea. They are merely packaged into chemically bleached tea bags full of chemicals. Now you can only imagine what happens to all these chemicals when boiling water is added to them! Most conventional tea brands are growing tea in huge land spaces leaving very little space for other plants and animals to thrive. The choice to rather drink quality organic sustainable tea seems your best bet, not just for your own health but Mother Earth too!

What can herbal and spice teas help with?

Organic herbal teas and teas with spices are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. They may help you in the following ways:

  1. Chamomile – Can help promote better sleep
  2. Peppermint – May offer support to digestive tract issues – powerful antioxidant and antiviral properties. Soothes stress and headaches
  3. Hibiscus – May help reduce high blood pressure
  4. Echinacea – Natural immune system booster
  5. Rooibos – May help with bone & heart health
  6. Sage – May help with brain health
  7. Lemon – May add to mental performance and clarity and has detox properties. Acid neutraliser
  8. Rosehip – Natural anti-inflammatory properties and may help fight ageing skin – your natural botox answer, moms!
  9. Cayenne – improves digestion, circulation and metabolism. Acts as a natural pain-killer
  10. Turmeric – Powerful antioxidant, digestive aid and anti-inflammatory

Different naturally flavoured teas can help with many different health issues. Our wide selection of Organic Yogi teas have been mindfully created to help with all sorts of common health issues. Below are some of our personal favourites with benefits:

  • Yogi Green Tea with Ginger Lemon – Green Tea is said to increase weight loss and help with physical performance among many other health benefits
  • Immune Support – The name of this tea says it all! With ingredients like immune boosting Echinacea you will be naturally protected against common colds and ‘flu’
  • Bedtime – A calming blend of rooibos and vanilla - your mind and body will naturally start to feel relaxed and at ease with the world
  • Throat Comfort – Sore throats are common with colds and ‘flu’ – this Ayurveda  tea blend of liquorice, fennel and thyme with help soothe your throat
  • Yogi Classic – A blend of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla – you will automatically feel refreshed and revived
  • Detox Tea – Our bodies all need a detox now and then. Dandelion, liquorice and lemon peel help add to this natural cleansing experience
  • Stomach Ease – If you battle with digestive problems then this tea is for you!

All natural teas can be naturally sweetened with pure organic raw honey – now your organic healthy tea is boosting with incredibly amazing natural health benefits!

How much herbal tea can be drunk in a day?

If your herbal tea is caffeine free, the daily recommended amount is up to 8 cups. However, should you drink a green tea for example, that does contain small of amounts of caffeine then half of the above should be fine.

Herbal teas don’t always have to be drunk hot. You can also cool them down add some ice and voila you have a really delicious natural iced tea drink.

Recipe Ideas for Natural Iced Tea

  • You can get quite creative here with options! Our wide selection of naturally flavoured Yogi Teas are also delicious on their own! 
  • For every 3 cups of boiled water use 2 organic tea bags
  • You can add fresh lemon, orange, basil leaves, ginger and any kind of fruit pieces that you enjoy to your tea mix
  • For natural sweetness, use natural raw organic honey– as much as you enjoy – or Xylitol Syrup if you are vegan
  • Place your iced tea in the fridge and serve with a few ice blocks! Yummy!

We hope that we have helped you understand just how amazing herbal teas can be for your overall health! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help in the best natural way.

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