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8 health concerns more likely to occur in summer

8 health concerns more likely to occur in summer

Summer is a great time of year! While the outdoors and sunshine are calling your name, make sure you're aware that there are various health hazards one should be aware of in summer (we don't mean to put a damper on the summer mood).

Here are the most common summer health hazards, and how to prevent them so you can stay safe and healthy all summer long!


Many people who suffer from asthma report increased symptoms during the warmer months. Factors contributing to the increased severity of asthma symptoms include more smog and air pollution, higher pollen levels, humidity and increased mould growth. All of these factors are known to increase asthma attacks.

On warmer days, it's best to keep your asthma reliever medication on hand, or better yet, stay indoors and keep cool. This is especially true when the pollen count is higher, and when it is more humid.

Tip: Triple Complex BronchoSoothe contains a blend of tissue salts that support respiratory health and optimise lung functioning. Triple Complex BronchoSoothe can benefit all people, but is especially good as a supplement for children and adults with chronic or acute respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

Another great natural remedy to strengthen your lungs is Inala Health Umckaloabo Drops. Research suggests that Umckaloabo helps to relieve chest complaints and improve respiratory health!

Heat exhaustion

Summer heat can leave one feeling sluggish, dehydrated and even grumpy! While heat fatigue is usually no cause for concern, look out for symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, nausea, confusion, etc., as these symptoms could indicate heat exhaustion which sometimes requires medical attention. 

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Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's Ear (also known as otitis externa) is an infection in the outer ear canal. It's often caused by water that gets trapped in the ear after swimming, creating a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. People are more prone to getting Swimmer's Ear in summer when heat and humidity can fuel the growth of the bacteria and fungi in the ear, and people find themselves spending more time in water.

Symptoms of Swimmer's Ear include itching in the ear, pain in the ears, redness in and around the ears, excessive ear fluid drainage, blocked ears, and pressure in the ears.

Tip: Swimmer's Ear can be prevented by drying your ears thoroughly after swimming or showering. Colloidal Silver ear drops contain natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties for the relief and prevention of Swimmer's Ear.

Skin flare-ups

For many people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne or dry skin, symptoms may worsen in warmer weather. Heat, sweat and dry air are some of the irritants that can lead to skin conditions worsening in the heat.

Make sure to cleanse your face often to prevent clogged pores and skin irritations. Avoid spending too much time in the sun, and protect your skin with a good quality skin product (make sure it doesn't contain synthetic chemicals) such as a facial oil or moisturiser.


Pollen and mould are more rife during summer months which often makes allergies worse during this season compared to other seasons. Many plants like to pollinate during the heat, which is why summer is when allergies are at their worst!

Acute allergic reactions are commonly treated with over the counter anti-histamines or cortisone based medicines, which can bring some much needed relief. However, did you know that there is a lot you can do to naturally prevent and treat allergies and therefore avoid the side effects commonly associated with these medicines?

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Tip: Natural allergy remedies like AllergiClear and SOS Histadrops work with your body to help block the allergic reaction to allergens by preventing the release of histamine. They also help to decrease and eliminate the dependence on antihistamine drugs!

Insect bites or stings

Summer means more time outdoors - and mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, horseflies and other insects come out of hiding during summer! This is why people experience an increase of bites and stings during the warmer months. While these stings and bites are mostly harmless (albeit painful or irritating), they can be easily managed. Occasionally, bites can cause allergic reactions that lead to severe swelling, hives and even difficulty breathing.

Tip: Keep insects away while being kind to both you and the environment with this non-toxic Insect Repellent. For fast relief and quick healing of bites and stings, use this natural anti-histamine cream, safe for adults and babies


While sunlight in moderation is healthy for the skin and the rest of the body, too much exposure leads to sunburn. Sunburn is characterised by red, painful skin that can be hot to the touch. In more severe cases, blisters can develop. While it's best to avoid overexposure to sunlight, it can be really easy for people to get sunburnt, especially with people who have fair skin.

Tip: Apply Simply Bee's After-Sun Lotion to the affected area(s) for fast relief! This lotion is highly regenerating, hydrating and soothing and speeds up healing time. Simply Bee's After Sun Lotion is natural and organic, made through sustainably-sourced local bee conservation!

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a contagious fungal infection that commonly affects the skin on the feet. This particular type of fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist environments, making people who wear closed shoes or who have sweaty feet the perfect candidate for Athlete's Foot! Symptoms include intense itching on the sole of your foot or in between your toes, peeling and/or blistering between the toes, and discoloured/thick toenails.

If you experience the symptoms above, you should seek care as quickly as possible, as symptoms can become severe if left untreated. 

Here are our top recommendations to help treat Athlete's Foot:

  • Candidate treats systemic yeast infections, and prevents recurring Thrush, Athlete's Foot, Dobey's Itch and other yeast infections. Take 15 drops 3 times daily, for about a month.  
  • Soak your feet in equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and water for 15 minutes twice a day. Dry your feet thoroughly after each soak.  
  • After rinsing with the apple cider vinegar, apply this Ionized Colloidal Silver Cream, which is a fantastic, natural topical cream with powerful antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties. Apply a small amount of cream to the affected area 2 - 3 times daily.

Along with Candidate, apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver cream, start cutting out sugar where possible! Yeast overgrowth is often caused by high sugar diets. It's also advised to cut out alcohol and white bread. It will be even better if you follow a strict candida diet!

Above all, have fun this summer and stay safe!

If you have any question, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE health advice. We always love hearing from you!

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