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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season

Are you dreading the holiday season? Not in the mood for Christmas cheer or gatherings with family and friends? Don’t worry! You are not alone! Lots of people feel like a Debbie Downer simply because they are tired and stressed from the long year.

If you’ve had a difficult year and now still have to deal with long queues in malls, entertain family who annoy you and try and make sure watch that your pennies stretch until the end of January, then getting into the festive spirit is probably the last thing that you want to do.

As overwhelming as the end of the year festivities are, this is a time of joy, peace and togetherness for all.

Here at Feelgood Health, we discuss ways how YOU can put the zing back into the holiday season!.

1. Look on the bright side…

You are feeling tired and stressed and now you still have to deal with Christmas! Yes, we get you but how about focusing on the positives?

If you sit back and think about all the good and positive things in your life that you can be grateful for, you may feel differently.
Appreciate the things that really matter – your loved ones, friendships, health.

And, remember - this is the season about joy and togetherness. Start with a positive attitude!

2. Learn to delegate

It is possible to have a stress-free festive season if you lighten your load a bit. Don’t choose to do everything yourself and then resent it afterwards. Delegate chores and cooking duties to family members so that everyone is involved.

Involve the children by assigning them chores such as making their bed, packing their clothes away or washing up the dishes during the holidays. This will free up time for you, allowing you to relax more.

3. Keep calm it’s almost Christmas

The festive season can get really crazy and put unnecessary pressure on everyone! Gift buying, planning elaborate Christmas dinners, being invited to parties and having family and friends come to stay can definitely be overwhelming!.

Before you reach the end of your tether, be sure to keep a bottle of PureCalm on hand. A few drops of this herbal remedy will help to calm you down and feel more in control.

Many people also feel sad and lonely over the festive season because they’ve lost loved ones or they may not have any money to spend. These feelings can intensify and lead to depression. Use a natural alternative such as MindSoothe from the Feelgood Health range to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety and promote a balanced mood and feelings.

4.  Say no!  

The holiday season is supposed to be a magical and fun time. Unfortunately, if you are running around pleasing every one and overcommitting yourself to a string of holiday invitation invitations, it doesn’t become much fun anymore.

Don’t feel obligated to do what you don’t want to do (within reason, of course!) and just learn to say no. You will feel empowered and so much better afterwards!

5. Make time to exercise

If you haven’t been exercising regularly during the year, you probably feel listless and sluggish which will also affect your mood. Get back into the swing of exercising to strengthen and tone your body as well as lift your spirits.

Go to gym, start jogging, walking or swim every day to feel revitalised and happy again. We know we always say this – but you know that’s because it’s true! It really DOES work – so as they say in the Nike ad, just DO IT!

6. Get some much needed R & R

After a year of stress and strain, the best gift that you can give to yourself is taking time out to relax and unwind. Get plenty of rest and sleep, eat good food, go for long walks on the beach and spend time doing what you want to do.

If your energy levels are low, use Fatigue Fighter to boost your stamina and reduce fatigue. Some people can’t switch off from work or what is bothering them and this which prevents them from being able to fall asleep. Take Serenite Plus, a natural sleep tonic to quickly encourage drowsiness, healthy sleep and peaceful nights.

Watch out for festive excesses!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Tralalalalalalalala! While Feelgood Health is always about healthy, holistic living, we all let our hair down from time to time!

If your festive season results in a hangover, instead of saying ‘Ahhhhhh, Grandpa’ or reaching for the headache tablets, try our Pure Synergy Tissue Salts to reduce that pounding headache and queasy stomach. And after a season of gluttony and excess, cleanse your system with our herbal Detox Drops for a brand new start! Be prepared with Feelgood Health!

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!
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