What bad breath can tell you about your health!

What could your breath be trying to tell you about your health?

Your mouth is exposed to many different things on a daily basis.Think about all the food and drinks that you decide to put into it every day! If you are a smoker then you are constantly putting cigarettes into your mouth (with all kinds of harmful chemicals!). Your fingers  touch everything and have all kinds of living bacteria on them and you will be amazed how many times a day your fingers touch your mouth! Even just the air you breathe in these days contains all kinds of germs from pollution! It makes perfect sense that your mouth could be a breeding haven for all kinds of nasties to manifest themselves! This in turn can become something that is called halitosis – more commonly known as bad breath. Bad breath can have a number of causes, including digestive problems, poor dental hygiene, gum disease, allergies, candida, dry mouth, some medications - even ear, nose and mouth infections. Natural mouthwashes and toothpastes are great at eliminating bacteria and bad odour from your mouth. That includes the pasta you ate for dinner that had loads of garlic in it! However,  different long term tastes in your mouth could mean more serious health issues like gum disease and others that we will discuss below.

Mouth tastes and what their common meanings could mean for your health!

  1. A mothball taste your mouth could mean that you are suffering from bad allergies or post nasal drip. We recommend using Mucous-ClearAllergiClear and SOS-Histadrops to address allergy issues and trapped mucous that could be stuck in your throat causing your breath to smell bad. Silverlab Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray is also excellent to use to combat and prevent nasal congestion, allergies and hay fever and will help to eliminate odour-causing bacteria that could cause bad breath..
  2. A fruity taste could mean that the sugar in your blood is not converting to energy. The cells in your body could start converting fat to energy. The by-product of this process is ketones. Ketones can make your breath smell and taste more fruity.
  3. A sour milk taste in your mouth could mean that you are lactose intolerant and your body is unable to breakdown the protein found in dairy.
  4. A stinky dirty nappy taste could mean that you have a tonsil stone or infected tonsils. Tonsil stones are formed when bacteria from food gets stuck in your tonsils and becomes rotten. A doctor is usually able to easily remove the tonsil stone with a swab. To treat common tonsillitis naturally we recommend using Throat & Tonsil Dr.
  5. If your breath truly smells like a rotting rat it could mean that you have developed a very bad lung infection like pneumonia or even more serious you could have lung disease!

As you can see from the above, the core roots of what is causing your bad breath could mean more serious health issues which would need to be addressed first before just masking bad breath with some breath mints!

Taking care of your oral hygiene naturally on a daily basis is essential for healthy living. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method using coconut oil, known for its powerful antibacterial properties. It pulls and draws out harmful bacteria, not just from your mouth but your entire body too. Try our 15 day Oil Pulling Cocobaci Detox Programme and see for yourself!

We hope we have helped you figure out what could be causing your bad breath. For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help and advise the best and most effective natural ways to help you care for your health!

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  • Feelgood Health Team - April 23, 2019

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in our brand, Feelgood Health!

    I am pleased to inform you that we have two effective natural products to help fight halitosis and cleanse the system, called HaliTonic and Cocobaci Oil Pulling Oil. HaliTonic treats the underlying causes of halitosis and bad breath while Cocobaci Oil Pulling Oil detoxes the system and cleanses the mouth. To learn more about oil pulling and how to do it, please follow this link: https://www.feelgoodhealth.co.za/blogs/feelgood-health-blog/learn-about-the-benefits-of-oil-pulling-an-ancient-ayurvedic-detoxifying-technique-to-support-dental-health-detoxify-your-body?afmc=b9

    Because HaliTonic and Cocobaci Oil Pulling Oil work so well together, we offer a 10% discount when they are purchased together! To place your order online for our Fresh Breath Combo Pack, please follow this link: https://www.feelgoodhealth.co.za/products/halitonic-cocobaci-oil-pulling-oil-mixed-flavours?afmc=b9

    Although our Fresh Breath Combo is very effective in helping to eliminate bad breath, we also have a number of natural and organic dental health products that can help you on your journey to reaching optimal oral hygiene, including natural mouth wash, natural toothpastes and eco-friendly toothbrushes – that contain ONLY safe and natural ingredients, while at the same time doing a good job and tasting great!

    To view our range of natural products for oral hygiene, please follow this link: https://www.feelgoodhealth.co.za/collections/natural-organic-toothpaste-mouth-wash-dental-care?afmc=b9

    I hope that you have found the above to be helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards

    Tassi Tyne Carelse
    Feelgood Health team

  • Brenda - April 23, 2019

    My husband has a bad breath. he has seen few doctors tha prescribed antibiotics and also referred him to the dentist but still the medication is not helping . Please help. Thank you

  • Feelgood Health Team - February 11, 2019

    Hi Shanitha

    Thanks for your comment!

    Dealing with bad breath can be very concerning, especially when someone as close as your husband suffers from it. Feelgood Health would love to provide you with FREE advice from our team. Kindly follow this link (https://www.feelgoodhealth.co.za/community/contact) to leave us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly! Alternatively, you can email help@feelgoodhealth.co.za for assistance.

    We look forward to your message!

    Warmest regards

    Feelgood Health team

  • Shanitha Moona - February 11, 2019

    Hi I’m really concerned about my husband who has a very bad breath, I read your and understood your explanation about bad breath which I am very grateful, I think I still need advise what should I do.

  • Shanitha Moona - February 11, 2019

    Hi I’m really concerned about my husband who has a very bad breath, I read your and understood your explanation about bad breath which I am very grateful, I think I still need advise what should I do.

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