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How to treat anxiety and panic attacks naturally

Why do I get ANXIOUS about everything when other people don’t?

Natural treatment for anxiety and panic attacks

Why do I get anxious about everything when other people don’t? What is Anxiety and how does it affect some people differently to others?

We are all uniquely different and what makes some feel anxious others couldn’t be bothered with.  Anxiety is a normal response to a stressful or potentially dangerous situation and is therefore a survival mechanism which is good to have. When you become anxious or panicky, your body chemistry is preparing you for ‘fight or flight’ . When you start to panic or worry, even though your brain knows that there is nothing to worry about, then anxiety is no longer a good thing and can even affect your functioning and relationships. When this happens, it’s almost like the ‘wiring’ in your nervous system has gone wrong, raining a false alarm - and no matter how much you tell yourself everything is OK, your body just doesn’t seem to listen!

What can I do to stop my anxiety?

You may be surprised to hear that anxiety is actually not that difficult to treat, given the right approach. Research has shown that a combination of lifestyle changes, cognitive therapy and medication have the best chance of helping you to overcome your anxiety.

Medication? Isn’t anxiety medication potentially addictive and won’t it harm my health? The answer is probably yes, if it is taken regularly, you will come to depend on it and it is difficult to stop. The good news is that there are alternatives and anxiety can be treated naturally.

Feelings of anxiety are really felt to motivate you to get things done and perhaps this is why it’s a “good” feeling at times however, people that have anxiety disorders experience this feeling almost constantly and the feeling to “get things done” just never disappears, resulting in them battling to generally relax, concentrate or sleep. Does this sound like you or a loved one? You can begin to change the quality of your life naturally, let us quickly explain how. The health benefits are life changing!

Chemical Anxiety Medication VS Natural Anxiety Remedies

You may start to realise that your “get things done” feeling hasn’t gone away, for some time, and when you should be relaxing you still feel like you should rather be doing something else. Quite a few people might have mentioned to you that you look stressed, down, unhappy or just generally not yourself and now you think the time has come to get some help. There are a cocktail of chemical medications that a medical professional can prescribe for you - some to increase your appetite, some to give you more energy, some to make you feel not so down, some to help you sleep and before you know it you are a walking popping pill machine with absolutely no long-term coping skills. But do they also tell you what the harmful side-effects of these fast “fix me uppers” are? (there are plenty, plenty, plenty!) and the impact these chemicals have on your vital bodily organs after long term use? My guess would be no, because in the bigger picture how would all those major pharmaceutical companies be making all those thousands of dollar bills each year? Think about it!

There is a perfect holistic natural solution for you…..

Our bodies respond better to natural – we were simply not designed to process chemicals it is that simple! To say that times have evolved and so has chemical medicine, we would have to ask ourselves if our bodies have become any better at coping with chemicals?  

The best decision you can make is to treat your anxiety holistically. This means that you will generally start looking after your body and mind better and the results will be amazing!

Some tips to start treating your anxiety naturally:

  1. Cut out coffee for a while, it is highly stimulating and that adds to the load that your body has to deal with. Rather try sipping on a comforting organic herbal tea like Yogi Organic Classic Blend. If you have trouble sleeping, try Yogi Organic Bedtime Blend.
  2. Try eating regularly through-out the day. Start with a protein rich breakfast, and graze through the day. Avoid too many carbohydrates, biscuits, cakes, pasta,  and potatoes and sugary snacks. This will ensure that you keep your blood sugars that control your energy levels stable. Superfoods are an incredible source of energy and can be added to smoothies. Try adding some Superfoods Chocolate Boost to your next smoothie because chocolate just makes everyone naturally feel good!
  3. Drink at least a litre of water a day – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  4. Supplement your diet with the correct vitamin and mineral supplements that support the nervous system. In fact, a good Vitamin B supplement is one of the best ways to support your nervous system to cope with stress and anxiety! – Try Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B Complex.
  5. Go Natural! Nature knows how to treat anxiety and stabilise the nervous system without negative side effects! Feelgood Health’s MindSoothe Capsules are a natural alternative to treat anxiety and depression, while PureCalm Drops have a soothing effect that helps to calm anxiety and panic on the spot when you need it! These remedies will help to calm and soothe your mind! Save 10% when you buy the the combo! Allisone Rescue Synergy Tissue Salts can also be used to assist with composure and stability in everyday stressful situations. Serenite – A soothing herbal remedy to help make you feel drowsy and assist in creating a healthy sleep pattern.
  6. Eat oily fish as often as you can - Granny was right! Your brain needs Omega right now. For those who prefer to supplement, try Solgar’s Omega 3-6-9. If you are vegetarian or vegan or just don’t like fish, you can also add Absolute Organics Flax Seed Oil to your diet.

If you are currently taking any chemical medication it is highly recommended that before you decide to change anything you discuss this with your medical professional.

If you have any questions relating to any of the products we are always here to help and assist you in the best possible way.

Always remember, worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles but today's peace.

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