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Dreading shedding!

Dreading shedding!

“Everything tastes better with a little cat hair in it.” Or at least that’s what our pets would like us to believe. It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up steadily and as it does so your pet is shedding its thick winter coat. The problem is, your couch looks like it’s wearing a rug, and you arrive at the office looking like you sat on the dog before leaving the house!

Shedding is not a particularly fun time of the year for many pet owners. The fact of the matter is that shedding is normal and unavoidable if you own a pet with fur. Most cats and dogs will shed at the change of a season or during times of stress, while some pets may shed all year round. Other factors that affect shedding include diet, emotion distress, temperature changes, and general health of the skin and coat. 

Before the contents of your home become too hairy, here are a few ways to manage shedding...

Shedding tips to help you cope

  1. Take a look at your pet’s diet. Many store-bought pet foods contain unhealthy additives and do not provide pets with sufficient nutrients for a healthy shiny coat.
  2. Grooming is the key! Make sure you brush your pets regularly and brush them even more during seasonal shedding.
  3. If your pet is stressed, take necessary steps to reduce daily stress in their environment and anticipate shedding during particularly stressful events.Use PetCalm, an all-natural remedy if your pet is stressed or anxious  
  4. Make use of decorative throws on the furniture when shedding gets bad. These can be taken off when guests arrive, and thrown in the wash when they become too full of hair.
  5. Use a wet rubber or latex glove to remove excess fur after brushing.
  6. Control fleas and other skin parasites and skin allergies as these irritate the skin and can cause hair to fall out, not to mention all the scratching involved!
  7.  Take your cat for regular check-ups at the vet. Many diseases can cause poor skin and coat condition and hair loss. If your cat’s shedding is excessive, unrelated to seasonal changes and accompanied by any other symptoms, a visit to the vet may be necessary.
  8. Add a natural skin booster such as Skin & Coat Tonic which promotes a healthy skin and glossy coat for your pet. This remedy contains healing properties which treats acute and chronic skin conditions.

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