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5 Ways You Can Help Your Pet with Winter Arthritis

5 Ways You Can Help Your Pet with Winter Arthritis

You might notice that as the temperature drops, your pet's discomfort and pain increases. The good news is that there are various ways to prevent your pet from struggling with the difficult symptoms of arthritis (or prolong the onset), and there are natural and safe ways to treat it! You no longer have to turn to pharmaceutical or synthetic medication, which may have negative side effects on your pet's health. 

While prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, including NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), cortisone and other prescription medications for joint problems can offer some relief, side effects can include digestive, heart, adrenal and kidney problems. Natural remedies have many decades of traditional and effective use in relieving inflammation and pain, without unwanted side effects!

Let's take a look at the signs of arthritis in dogs and cats, ways of preventing it and how to treat it naturally.

Not sure if your pet has arthritis? Here are the most common symptoms to look out for:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Limping
  • Difficulty getting up from resting position or laying down
  • Weight gain
  • Whimpering or groaning
  • Having a hard time getting up/down stairs or in/out the car
  • Acting withdrawn or irritable (especially in cats)
  • Soreness or irritability when touched 

Here are our top tips to help manage your dog or cat's arthritis:

Weight Control or Reduction

Extra weight places a lot of extra pressure on your pet's already stressed joints. If your dog or cat is overweight, it's important to consider a weight-loss diet and regime. It's extremely important to focus on low-impact exercise such as slow walks or swimming as a form of low-impact exercise. It will improve their cardiovascular health, range of motion, joint health and mobility. One of the best ways to keep joints working is to use them!

Diet is one of the most important components of a healthy weight-loss plan for an animal who suffers from arthritis. It's best to feed your pet a raw food diet with some bone content, as close to the animal's natural diet as possible. Add approximately 25% of mashed, cooked healthy veggies (potatoes / pumpkin / broccoli / cauliflower etc.) as a nutritional additive. You can also add a supplement such as EveryPet Formula for some extra added vitamins and minerals! 

We recommend that you feed your pet at regular times (2-3 small meals per day) with small healthy snacks in between meals. View our range of healthy, organic pet treats.

Keep your pet warm and comfortable

Keeping your pet comfortable and warm is especially important during the cold season. Providing them with a padded bed or blanket in a warm indoor location can make all the difference. If you have stairs, you might want to put ramps in place to help them go up and down the stairs comfortably. Clothing, especially for short-haired breeds, can also help to keep the joints warm.

Add turmeric to your diet

While turmeric has been a staple ingredient in South Asian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, modern research shows that turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help both people and pets with arthritis. Turmeric supplements or powder can be added to their food for easy administration.

Tip: Most turmeric found in stores has been irradiated which removes the beneficial therapeutic properties, and may also be adulterated with colorants to make it look like 100% genuine turmeric - so make sure that you only use non-irradiated pure turmeric powder!

Take a look at this Joint Formula Supplement for Pets from Herbal Pet, one of our favourite pet supplement brands!


Regular massage that involves moderate pressure helps relieve arthritis pain and eases tension. Massages can help reduce pain and inflammation by relaxing the muscles around the joints and helping to increase blood flow to them. Getting regular massage has also shown to help increase range of motion and reduce stiffness, therefore improving quality of living. 


Adding certain supplements to your pet's daily routine can greatly reduce the risk of developing any joint problems. Additionally, if your pet already suffers from arthritis, including these supplements can help reduce your symptoms drastically and naturally, without turning to prescription drugs:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth: Certified 100% organic supplement that supports joint, cartilage, blood vessel and bone health! Simply sprinkle over their food.
  2. Nat Phos Tissue Salts: Supports joint and kidney health. Relieves painful joints associated with pet arthritis. Lactose and sugar-free (diabetic, vegan & vegetarian friendly)!
  3. Arthro-Synergy Tissue Salts Blend: Regular use helps to ease pain, reduce stiffness & improve mobility in people and pets. Safe to use with other joint supplements as well as prescription drugs! Lactose & sugar-free (vegan, vegetarian & diabetic friendly).
  4. Healing Organic CBD Oil: Formulated especially for pets! Improves vitality, reduces inflammation and joint pain, and reduces symptoms of aggression and irritability! May be mixed with food for easy dosage.
  5. MobiLive Pets: Natural herbal joint pain and stiffness relief for dogs and cats! It's an all-natural herbal anti-inflammatory formula that soothes arthritis symptoms, improved mobility and reduces inflammation.
  6. Joint Formula: Supports joint health naturally! Contains a blend of all-natural herbs and nutrients formulated to nutritionally support stiff, old or arthritic pets.

Have a look at our all natural herbal & homeopathic remedies for an alternative treatment for muscle and joint pain in dogs and cats without the side effects! 

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