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Product Reviews

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Feeling Good Mushroom

Since I started drinking it , after 3 days I felt alot better especially in this winter time it boosted me alot

Only a few weeks

I’m at only a few weeks that he has been using it and it’s the first week back at school. Looks like it’s working but the proof will be when I get in touch with the teachers trusting it will work based on other parents reviews.

Great product

Using this product for belly fat and fattyliver. I am seeing a difference after a month. it really works

Highly Recommended

My daughter introduced me to UTI-Clear several years ago. I haven't looked back since. It works faster than any antibiotic I've been prescribed and OTC meds I've tried. I highly recommend this product!

Life saver

I am so happy with the results of the combo l bought for my 4 year old son. The school he attends has not complained nor contacted me regarding his behaviours ever since l started using these products

Focus & Calm

Excellent product.. My son is using it and we can see the change in him.. His more calm and focus since we started using this product

Euphoria (90 Veg Capsules) with Kratom | Soaring Free Superfoods
Was skeptical

I wasn't expecting much, but I'm so impressed. I am more productive in the hours after taking it; my mood is lighter, and I am actually able to get things done.
I only take 2 in the morning and that seems to be enough for me.
Definitely recommend this.

Works like a charm

Im not a believer in Natural products, but this really works. Ive tested it by stopping to give the meds to my son and his emotions came rolling back, gave him meds again and within two days there was a big notice. its really does work.

Smells so good.

I'm using this product with the Dudu drops, it smells really good.

This product works wonders!

This product works wonders after night 3 my 21 month old is sleeping through the night. I will definitely buy this again.

Wonderful product.

Since I started using this product, I have noticed improvement in my hands. I have been experiencing arthritis in my fingers and it seems much better. Also been having aches and pains in the mornings which also seems better.


We are 2 weeks into the combo and starting to see some calmness. Can't wait for schools to open so that we can get feedback from the Teachers as well

Visible difference

I have noticed a huge difference in my son's behavior, concentration and speech. He is 7 He became more emotionally regulated and had less outbursts. I truly recommend this product I am reordering right away!

Great product for congestion

This product is a winner, we used it as a rub for tight chests, sore muscles and mosquito bites! We also used it in the humidifier and for steaming we love it! It is Definitely part of our winter must haves!

Amazing product

My son is 7 years old and is really hyperactive, I didnt want to put him on any meds until i found this product! I have seen an amazing change in him and he is doing so much better at school , because he is able to pay attention and focus on his work

Brilliant product

helps with everything esp Fatty liver disease

Excellent product

My liver is doing so much better with this product, help me loose weight

Cushex Drops

We previously had an older dog with Cushings. My daugter's 3 year old Boston Terrier started to show some of the symptoms. I researched and found the Cushex Drops. It has only been a little more than a week and we can already see a big improvement in her overall health. We are very impressed with the drops

Seems to work well

Been using it for about 3 weeks now, my son hasn’t had a seizure at all. Hoping this is the answer.

New user (two weeks )

My son is 6 going on 7 , his teacher has already reported some improvements for the last week and a half of using this combo. He usually struggles to sit and finish his class work, can be very disruptive and impulsive . I will surely be ordering again. So glad that this works .

Amazing results!

I bought a Brain combo for my son who has been having a challenge of forgetting his school work especially when he’s writing assessments.I got a feedback from the teacher that she’s amazed with his improvement for this term.I can’t wait to see his June report.

I’m amazed!

Saw a post on Facebook thought it was to good to be true read the reviews and decided to get my son this. I’ve been amazed at the results honestly. His more calmed down and doesn’t get angry like he used to. His no longer impulsive this has been a lifesaver honestly.


This product works wonders. Its only been a week using it and my daughter's breath is fresh in the morning unlike before. I am placing another order soon. Its a must have.

Skin Dr

This product has changed my life!!! I was told there is not much to do for severe psoriasis. I have been using Methotrexate and Folic Acid with bearly any results. I am now on my second bottle and my skin has almost ni flaky scales or dryness and is definately healing from the inside!!

Solgar Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg
Anna Marais
Evening Primrose Oil 3000mg

I have been using this prpduct since I have recieved it. As a psoriasis sufferer I am excited to see that there is definately an improvement in my condition.