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How to detox the safe and natural way!

How to detox the safe and natural way!

It seems to be a very natural  habit for human beings to cleanse and detox their bodies. We may do weekly or monthly detoxes or cleanse our bodies at the start of a new season. It all really depends on how you personally think and feel.  Just as the sea regularly cleanses itself by removing waste so do we. Remember, we are made of up to 70% of water so it is probably just something we have in common with the Ocean!

Signs that your body is screaming at you for a detox!

  1. Often waking up in the morning feeling tired and pretty much remaining like that for the rest of the day definitely means that your body could do with a colon cleanse
  2. Frequent bouts of constipation could mean that you require a colon cleanse to rid built up toxins. Try adding a lot more raw veggies and fruits to your diet. Vitamin supplements are also a great way of adding what your body needs for healthy functioning
  3. Brain fog or inabity to focus - If you consistently find that you lack the ability to focus and find yourself drifting off in a mental fog, your body could be screaming for a detox. It has been said that a candida cleanse alone can restore clarity, focus, and concentration by ridding your body of excessive and damaging candida fungus
  4. Feeling a bit down in the dumps could be the result of eating foods that are of low-quality or even toxic to the body The problem is that when you start to make changes to your diet to include more life-giving foods, the toxins will block the nutrients (as sad as that sounds) from finding their way to your brain. Toxins have a way of nestling into the body and can remain there unless acted upon. In this case a body detox could help your mind back to the right space!
  5. If you are still overweight after numerous attempts at weight-loss programs, and you often feel like you are fighting an uphill battle in the weight-loss department, this could be due to a build-up of toxins in your body, preventing all the good nutrients and vitamins from being absorbed and working with your body in the correct healthy way. We recommend using a natural weight-loss remedy and detox drops so that both can work in harmony with each other for the best weight-loss results!

Natural Detox Ideas

  • Replace sugar laced & high carb breakfasts with Superfood Shakes - We recommend our Superfoods Green Alkalizer Shake – A healthy mix of African Baobab, green grasses, hemp seed protein, African Moringa and Spirulina, perfect at rebalancing the pH and detoxifying the body!
  • We recommend using Detox Drops – A Natural herbal detox remedy for systemic cleansing & liver health. (Tip – you get a FREE Detox Diet with every bottle of Detox Drops ordered online!)
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out all unwanted toxins
  • Replace unhealthy high caffeine drinks with healing herbal teas like Yogi Detox Tea or Yogi Ginger Lemon Green Tea. Sweeten your tea naturally with Raw Organic Honey
  • Regular massage – A deep tissue massage is great at applying pressure on your pressure points where toxins tend to build up. The hard pushing down technique applied on them enables them to release clogged unwanted toxins
  • Try the Cocobaci oil pulling 15 day oral and body detox – Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique used to improve oral health and also overall health by drawing all unwanted toxins out of your body.
  • Regular exercise – Sweating from exercise can help your body get rid of unwanted toxins
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother) has many health benefits including the ability to remove unwanted toxins from the body. Drink 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water, you can add 2 teaspoons of raw organic honey as a natural sweetener. You can drink this detox drink for a few days, a month or as often as you like. Some people drink this up to 3 times in a day!
  • Fasting for a day, once a week can be very cleansing and rejuvenating! You can fast for 12 hours or 24 hours – depending on how you feel. Some people find benefit in a liquid fast (using Yogi Teas or pressed juices and no solid food), while others prefer a complete fast

Important tips to remember when doing a body detox

  1. Try and set out a realistic detox plan with a time frame
  2. Replace unhealthy food with healthy organic food choices. Healthy foods that you enjoy!
  3. Use healthy cooking oils like Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Olive Oil to replace regular unhealthy cooking oils
  4. Some people may experience headaches, body aches or fatigue during the first few days of a detox. This is due to toxins being eliminated by the body so don’t let these symptoms stop you!

Detoxing your body can go a long way to helping you feel healthy and full of vitality! Try to incorporate some of these healthy, positive mindful choices into your daily living routine. 

For any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help and advise the best natural ways so that you can live a long and healthy life!  

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Bongi - September 13, 2018

i like your article ,its teaching and has useful information.Thanks

Feelgood Health - July 17, 2018

Thanks so much Muzi. You made my day! We really hope it helps you :) Have a super day further! The Feelgood Health Team.

Muzi - July 17, 2018

I like your article, its refreshing and has valuable information.

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