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How to get a good night's sleep

Sleep is in Session. Get a good night's sleep with a healthy mind, body and soul!

How to treat insomnia naturally

Just like nothing ruins a Friday more than realizing it’s only Wednesday, nothing ruins a morning like waking up and going about your day in Zombie Mode. Or maybe you are just so used to sleepless nights that your body has become used to functioning in slow-mo! During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health - so you can guess why getting a good zzzzz is pretty important!

For a Healthy Mind

Keep your mind intrigued with things that really matter. Separate yourself from superficial distractions and worries and focus on what’s important. In our fast-paced world, we are often overwhelmed - and if we are, we blame ourselves for not coping. Try and avoid anxiety and depression by being happy with what you achieved throughout the day. Getting a good sleep stems from a good mindset. It’s about passing the worries of the day over, recharging and then picking up where we left off.  

If you’re struggling to put your worries aside, try our MindSoothe PureCalm Combination, which reduces symptoms of OCD, anxiety & panic attacks, not to mention those racing, repetitive thoughts that keep you awake at night! Another good bet is AllisOne Kali Phos - a wonderfully relaxing tissue salt that relieves exhaustion, irritability & stress (and is lactose free too!).

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For a Healthy Body

Where there is exercise, there is rest - that’s the beauty of balance. Get the blood flowing by going for a brisk walk around the block or through the park. Perhaps even try a kick boxing class - it works every muscle in the body and steers clear of back injuries. The calm after the storm will be well worth it! If strenuous exercise is not for you, there's nothing like yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi to get those peaceful energies flowing!

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you’re indulging in these more often than you should, you’re throwing your sleep patterns off. Drinking excess amounts of caffeine and alcohol at night means we’re telling our bodies to wake up instead of wind down. Coaxing our bodies into relaxation and calm makes it much easier to fall asleep.  For a relaxing end to the day, enjoy Yogi Organic Bedtime Tea. Leg twitches keeping you awake? No problem - calm those muscles and reduce jittery movements with LegCalm.

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For a Healthy Soul

Relaxation is a remedy. Many are hesitant to delve into meditation as it’s seen as a skill that takes years to master. In actual fact, meditation can be as simple as ABC - and the more regularly you meditate, the easier it becomes! Meditation means zoning out to the world and zoning in to your wellbeing. It’s about going to your quiet place. The ultimate goal is to sit back and think about nothing – well to try anyway. And when thoughts do pop into your mind (which they will) you calmly accept them and then return to minimalizing them as much as possible. Sink into a hot bath of therapeutic aromatic oils and drift into nothingness. Try Meditate Me Massage Oil by massaging some over your shoulders, neck, back and feet. Or burn some Inslumbia Burner Oil which adds an atmosphere of peace and serenity to any bedroom.

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A great sleep is as good as a holiday. So say goodbye to grumpy days and absent-mindedness. And think MIND BODY SOUL :)

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