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How to increase your exercise performance

How to increase your exercise performance

Nearly every kind of health care professional will tell you that regular exercise is vital for a healthy body and mind! If you have just joined the local gym or Yoga studio or are already a budding athlete or exercise fanatic, you can benefit from learning how to maximize your exercise efforts so that your body and mind can benefit in every possible way!

How to increase your exercise performance

  1. Start off slow – Rome wasn’t built in a day! It is important that your body naturally works up its own endurance and stamina. Setting unrealistic work out sessions not only puts enormous strain on your body physically, but your mind will start to feel tired and less productive so your positive efforts might actually result in a reverse effect.  Pushing your body beyond its limits also runs the risk of injury – which is the last thing you want!
  2. Bye bye unhealthy snacking! The time has come to kick your unhealthy snack habits and replace them with foods that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support your healthy lifestyle. Opt for low fat foods but don’t cut out healthy carbs. Healthy carbohydrates are essential to build up muscle. Healthy carbs include organic grains, pastas and brown breads. Superfoods  are amazing for giving your body energy and boosting brain health! Our wide selection of Superfoods can be added to your favourite smoothie mix and are nutritious enough to replace some meals during the day.
  3. Eat plenty of protein – Protein is essential for keeping your muscles healthy. Protein doesn’t have to be loads of red meat, chicken or fish. Foods like eggs and pulses are rich in protein and Superfoods Organic Spirulina Powder is a protein rich blue algae that many vegetarians and vegans can also benefit from including in their daily diet!
  4. Replace bad fats with good fats – Your body needs good fats for energy. Introduce healthy oils to your diet like Crede Organic Olive Oil and Sesame Oil. Chia Seeds are rich in Omega and a healthy source of fat so why not add some chia seeds to your morning smoothie?!
  5. Adding Solgar L-Canitine to your daily supplements is a healthy way to boost your energy and physical endurance. It also helps keep your heart healthy and contains an important enzyme called pantothenic acid which is responsible for the energy release from cells.
  6. If you have pushed yourself to the max, which is not always a bad thing and your muscles feel tired and sore, our Magnesium Oil Sprays will help in reducing inflammation and are excellent to use after a strenuous exercise session!

If your sudden interest in exercise has stemmed from wanting to loose some extra pounds try our natural remedy called EcoSlim together with Detox Drops which will together, with a healthy eating plan and exercise, aid in helping you loose weight naturally!

We hope we have helped motivate and give you some tips on how you can help your body naturally achieve what it can from all your hard work and efforts! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Feelgood Health help team.

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