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Dry food vs. Wet food - What is best for your dog or cat?

Dry food vs. Wet food - What is best for your dog or cat?

For the longest time, there has been an ongoing debate about whether dry food or wet food  is best for your pet.  As a pet parent, you will know that one of the first decisions you have to make is which food to feed your precious cat or dog.

There are so many options available today – so many  brands and flavours to choose from that it can become rather confusing. This is why it remains an ongoing debate – is dry food or wet food the healthiest for your pet?

Making a decision to choose between dry or wet food can be quite difficult, so we’ve made it easy for you by comparing the two with their benefits and disadvantages – now, you can make an informed decision and know that your dog or cat  is getting the best diet possible.

1. Dry Food for pets – what you should know

• Most pet owners choose dry food for their pets purely because it is convenient for storage and feeding. It is easy to store and does not require refrigeration. Dry food can simply be decanted into a large plastic bin and sealed tightly to keep fresh and safe for longer.
• Dry food can be left out for your pet to eat without having to worry about spoilage. Cat owners, in particular, enjoy the convenience of filling a bowl with enough food to keep their kitties well fed during the day.
• Some diet-approved dry foods are good for your dog’s teeth and gums, reducing plaque and tartar build up. It also provides them with that extra crunch they so enjoy! Dogs that are fed dry food have better breath than those fed canned foods. 
• It is more economical per serving, especially if you are feeding multiple pets.
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• Many varieties of dry pet food are unfortunately loaded with cheap grain fillers to bulk up the food, preservatives and other artificial additives.
• Pet food companies are substituting real meat and chicken with chicken feet, feathers, heads and intestines or cow, sheep organs (think tongues, brains, hooves, udders and fetal tissue) all high in hormones.
• Some of these foods are also sprayed with animal fat
• During the cooking process, the ingredients are boiled at high temperatures for hours and hours, sometimes even for days until they eventually turn to mush to be used in dry food later
• Dry food is high in calories and is therefore one of the leading causes of obesity in pets.

2. Wet Food - what you should know

• Wet (or canned) food contains more protein with fewer carbohydrates, making it a much healthier option according to pet nutritionists.
• Although wet or canned food is also processed, it is cooked at a much lower temperature than dry food, thereby retaining more of the nutrients
• High in moisture, wet food is a good source of hydration for cats and dogs that may not drink a lot of water. Good for your pet’s urinary tract too!
• Wet food is meatier, appetizing and more palatable than dry food. It is definitely a hit with finicky eaters and pets that are ill or don’t have much of an appetite.
• It is a better choice for older pets that are suffering from dental issues as they are able to digest food that is soft, smooth and easy to chew
• While wet food may cost more initially, it may be a more cost-effective option for feeding smaller breeds that eat less
• If unopened, wet food has a long shelf life
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• Some pets may need more dental care if they are predisposed to dental problems
• Depending on the quality of wet food you are feeding your furry pal, it may be heavier on your pocket. It would be best to buy wet food in small amounts as you need it
• Wet food is perishable and can only be left uncovered and unrefrigerated for a short while. Your pet would have to eat it immediately before it spoils – this may not always work if you have a kitty that eats at his own pace!  

What is the best choice?

Now that you that have a good idea of the comparisons between dry and wet food, you can begin to make a more informed decision. Whether you decide to choose dry or wet food for your cat or dog, make sure that you choose high quality, vet recommended food. Steer clear of foods that contain cheap fillers, additives and preservatives. Just like you are what you eat, so your pet is what he eats!

Keep in mind that pets with certain conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, digestive disorders, obesity, epilepsy as well as kittens, puppies and senior pets often require a specialised diet. Consult your vet about what would be the right dietary requirements for your pet’s needs.

Home food – the best option

Ready made pet foods,whether  wet or dry, may just be the pet equivalent of fast food for humans, filled with preservatives, salt, sugar and artificial flavours and colours. You know that a healthy, home prepared meal, using  fresh ingredients, with no added chemicals or preservatives, is best for you and your family – and that includes your pet!

More and more pet parents are choosing to feed their furry kids homemade food. You will be in complete control of what your cat or dog eats. A yummy concoction of rice, chicken and veggies goes down very well for pets. Add fresh garden herbs to the food for added nutritional value!  Supplement this with raw bones for dogs to chew on (cats can have a raw chicken neck). Give it a try if you have the time!

Raw and organic cooked pet foods are also all the rage now! Many experts recommend raw foods for dogs and cats, giving them a diet closer to that which they experienced in the wild. Want the best food for your dog and cat AND the convenience? Well, help is at hand. At Feelgood Pets PetAlive we recommend two ranges of pet food that stand above the crowd, Vondi’s and DoggoBone Active Raw Food.

DoggoBone Active Raw Food for dogs consists of finely ground meat, organ meat, fresh veggies, fruit and garden herbs – dogs go crazy for this food! If your pet prefers cooked food, try the Vondi’s range of organic foods for dogs and cats, available in various tasty flavours such as beef, mutton, chicken and ostrich. These foods are available from Feelgood Health at 15 A Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town or call 021 797 0193.

In addition, pet owners can also supplement their dog or cat's daily diet with Vondi's Food Supplement which is a multivitamin and mineral supplement, supports healthy digestion, boosts immunity and promotes a healthy, shiny coat.
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